Act Two, Chapter Two: 023

13th Jun 12:00 AM, 2014 in Act Two: Chapter Two
Act Two, Chapter Two: 023
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 13th Jun 12:00 AM, 2014
Beauty’s pawn to c3, Beast’s bishop to a7
Beauty’s pawn to d4, Beast’s knight to e4, Beauty’s pawn captured
Beauty’s pawn to d5, Beast knight to e7
Beauty’s knight to e5, Beast’s pawn captured


Brooke Colley 13th Jun 1:13 AM, 2014
I know just how Beauty feels. It's the way I've felt with all if my friends and family my whole life. I'm nothing special, I just fill in the gaps and make jokes about myself to hide how lonely, odd and awkward I am.
Kim M 11th Jul 2:57 PM, 2014
I think many of us feel, or have felt, that way. It's one of the reasons why stories, and characters, like these are so powerful: they resonate so deeply and remind us that what makes us remarkable isn't always something we can see ourselves.
Metaceryn 13th Jun 4:08 AM, 2014
Also, you've forgone the only life you've effectively known, rushing out into wilderness to sacrifice yourself in your father's stead at the behest of an unknown, yet apparently malevolent, supernatural entity...

...but let's not get too tied up in trivia.
cattservant 13th Jun 8:15 AM, 2014
Her world has been quite small.
TolkienOverTwilight 13th Jun 9:24 AM, 2014
How many of us have felt as Beauty does? Perhaps it's universal? I also noticed that she didn't use a positive adjective to describe herself... it was simply an order of birth description.
Stitchlingbelle 14th Jun 4:22 AM, 2014
I've often felt that the appeal of this tale was twofold-- the wish fulfillment of being beautiful, desired by someone extraordinary, showered with luxury, possessed of wisdom and able to choose... and the universality of feeling unlovable, hopeless, abandoned, filled with longing. Modern Beauties seem to be bridging the gap: special and ordinary all at once.
Syn-Cypher 16th Jun 3:29 AM, 2014
I'm the youngest of 11... I think my place is at the end of the lunch line. Lol.
RosesnWater 17th Jun 2:57 PM, 2014
I keep forgetting you update so frequently it's crazy :D
love the whole chess +questions, mind games are awesome :D
RosesnWater 17th Jun 2:57 PM, 2014
I keep forgetting you update so frequently it's crazy :D
love the whole chess +questions, mind games are awesome :D
RosesnWater 17th Jun 2:57 PM, 2014
I keep forgetting you update so frequently it's crazy :D
love the whole chess +questions, mind games are awesome :D
Allison 17th Jun 3:11 PM, 2014
Are you not updating today?
Kim M 11th Jul 2:48 PM, 2014
That is one of the things I love so much about heroes and heroines in fantasy and faery tales: they've so much to learn about how extraordinary they really are. Watching that journey, and living it with them, is affirming and encouraging and inspiring, and I never get tired of it.
AbigailBrooks 21st Apr 8:24 PM, 2015
I feel like every girl can empathize with Beauty here. She feels as if there is nothing special about her - that she has no outstanding qualities or passions - and that she only "fills in the gaps" between others. I have to wonder if her sisters might feel the same way and if they would recognize attributes in Beauty that they might feel they lack. Beauty might not be "sweet" or "clever" (which I don't think is the case; she just doesn't define herself as such in comparison to Virtue or Temperance), but she is incredibly brave. That is undeniable at this point. Hopefully by the end of this, Beauty will believe in her value as much as her family - and I'm sure the Beast - does.

lechuga 22nd Jul 1:09 AM, 2015
Seriously, though. Everyone always talks about how youngest children are spoiled. . . But I've found that most youngest children feel as Beauty does--undefined without the context of her family around her. Youngest children know their place in relation to their siblings and feel it much more so than the eldest/middle children do.
Michael 24th Apr 8:50 AM, 2017
In my area traditionally, the oldest inheritates the farm, the second becomes priest the third teacher and the youngest has to take care of the parents. There are some old stories about Brothers killing each other etc. In other Areas of my Country it is devided equally between the children.
We are only two boys, the world has turned on but it is still impregnated with my mom, intellectually she knows but subconsciously it is always there with her. Sometimes I feel like cinderello. It feels Kind of unfair.