Act Two, chapter two: 027

27th Jun 12:00 AM, 2014 in Act Two: Chapter Two
Act Two, chapter two: 027
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 28th Jun 6:44 PM, 2014
Beauty's Knight to f7
The Beast's knight to f2
Beauty's bishop to h7


cattservant 27th Jun 1:47 AM, 2014
And mate!
Mistress Dizzy 27th Jun 2:50 AM, 2014
The Beast's expression in that last panel- I can only guess at his thoughts.

"Oh crap."
Hallan 27th Jun 7:59 AM, 2014
Wow, these two are adorable in the last panel.

My guess on his thoughts: "Busted. Oh, well. She's cute when she's clever."
Paula Richey 27th Jun 10:28 AM, 2014
Well, since he can't lie, she's going to have to believe all the nice things he's said about her ;)

Also he seems to have an impulse to spoil her rotten. He's lost his head over her for sure.
Kirala 27th Jun 5:23 PM, 2014
Is it bad that, for all I enjoy the story and Beauty's clever maneuvering, it's still bothering me that I can't make the final chess board match all the moves thus far? (Also can't decide if the Beast is moving his king or creatively admitting she won the question game.)
MsMegan 28th Jun 6:42 PM, 2014
Actually, it's my bad for forgetting to include this week's moves --
Beauty's Knight to f7
The Beast's knight to f2
Beauty's bishop to h7
Kim 11th Jul 5:28 PM, 2014
Most of the time, the Beast looks very much his beastly self, but every once in a while---as in that last panel---I can almost see his human face within his beastly one. It leaves me at once very curious to see that human face and extremely reluctant to lose this beastly form.
MsMegan 11th Jul 5:40 PM, 2014
I have the very same feelings about it, Kim!
AbigailBrooks 30th Apr 3:16 PM, 2015
Heh, this is cute. Beauty teasing him about him letting her win at the game (and the fact that he is doing so), her pointing out that he can't lie to her about it, and him acknowledging he'll have to word his responses carefully in the future to avoid getting caught in these kind of's very sweet. I just hope he isn't going to lie through omission or manipulate his wording to try to get away with more grievous things.