Act One, Chapter One: 15

1st Sep 4:00 AM, 2012 in Act One: Chapter One
Act One, Chapter One: 15
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Kim M 19th Dec 6:16 PM, 2012
Sigh. I love the perspective and the close-up of the rose in that last panel.

Also, does the mention of debt have anything to do with the prologue's discussion of price, or is it just Beauty's asking for the rose that's leaving her feeling responsible?
Dyl 21st Dec 6:24 PM, 2012
..and it fits so well with the rest of the page! I am always scared to shade slightly cartoony stuff.
AbigailBrooks 28th Jul 3:32 PM, 2013
So this page is just gorgeous. All of it: the night sky and Beauty's hair and the perspective between the sisters and the rose. As for the debt...well, yes, you kind of do. This could just refer to you getting the rose, but I daresay your debt goes way farther back than that....
sheshallnotbenameless 21st Aug 9:39 PM, 2013
Everything I wished to say has already been said. Basically, this page is just gorgeous.