Act Two, Chapter Two: 031

11th Jul 12:00 AM, 2014 in Act Two: Chapter Two
Act Two, Chapter Two: 031
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 11th Jul 12:00 AM, 2014
Ahhh, a change of scene.

Beauty's got some pussy willows and some impatiens there. Interesting bouquet...


Kirala 11th Jul 1:17 AM, 2014
I have no idea what system you're using for the significance of the herbs/flowers, and I have no way of knowing how accurate my various Googled sources are, but that almost makes it more fun.

I can link impatiens with impatience in love (of course) and pussy willow with a request for remembrance, and think about how the Beast would have heartfelt wishes in both places at various points in the story. I can link pussy willow with recovery from illness and motherhood, and impatiens with the Virgin Mary, and imagine that this signifies an understanding that Beauty's mother sacrificed herself so that Beauty could recover from illness to help save a world from a curse.

It's fun when symbolism works like poetry - on multiple levels.
cattservant 11th Jul 1:26 AM, 2014
Motherly love.
Never ceasing remembrance.

A message from beyond it seems...
Kim M 11th Jul 5:48 PM, 2014
Definitely not lavender, lol. But motherhood and Beauty holding her mother's journal? And whatever she's holding, will it explain why the Beast is so doubtful that his contract will ever be broken?
Stever 12th Jul 4:01 AM, 2014
I really love how you did those curtains.
Kelta 13th Jul 11:58 PM, 2014
I just found your comic and I read it all in one night. I found myself hitting the next button several times before I realized I had nothing left to read. Beauty & the Beast has always been my favorite fairy tale and I am really enjoying your version. I am looking forward to more updates!
AbigailBrooks 21st May 9:22 PM, 2015
A nice, leather bound book, quite possibly a journal - with flowers! I wonder whose it is. I also agree with an earlier poster - those curtains look really nice.
nathyfaith 17th Feb 11:54 AM, 2016
I loved this last panel! Incredible!