Act Two, Chapter Three: 04

1st Aug 12:14 PM, 2014 in Act Two: Chapter Three
Act Two, Chapter Three: 04
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 1st Aug 12:14 PM, 2014
Augh, sorry guys! I got the time in the queue wrong! Thanks for your patience!


The Doodler 1st Aug 12:58 PM, 2014
The Doodler
Why do I have a bad feeling about this?
metaceryn 1st Aug 2:20 PM, 2014
And thus protoBeast discovers that most ancient way of ensnaring a woman's heart: taking your dog out to the park.
Mistress Dizzy 1st Aug 2:33 PM, 2014
Argh! So close to a detail! Why did that lady just have to interrupt! *frustrated sigh*
MsMegan 1st Aug 3:11 PM, 2014
Dwaggys 1st Aug 4:51 PM, 2014
I'm really used to taking days to catch up on a comic that I've been alerted to- this took just one day! Your stuff is pretty awesome so far. Got here via 'Namesake'.
cattservant 1st Aug 4:54 PM, 2014
Ploticularly anonymous...
LB 1st Aug 10:38 PM, 2014
When are you going to set up a patreon page so we can help support this beautiful comic? :)
MsMegan 2nd Aug 12:26 AM, 2014
Dude, I've had a Patreon page for, like, six months! I post about it all the time! check 'er out:
LB 2nd Aug 12:56 AM, 2014
Sorry! I have never been to your Tumblr page. I've been too engaged in your beautiful artwork to notice anything else!
MsMegan 2nd Aug 10:33 AM, 2014
Oh, ya big flirt ;P
alsdjf 3rd Aug 12:40 PM, 2014
I don't like her. Mainly b/c she interrupted him before we could hear the damn name! Arg! What kind of dog is Aornis?
MsMegan 3rd Aug 3:14 PM, 2014
Some sort of whippet or greyhound, I think.
Cathy M 3rd Aug 9:09 PM, 2014
I really enjoyed this storyline flashback. I was waiting for him to see the
Pup. What happen to that part ?
MsMegan 3rd Aug 10:33 PM, 2014
It was implied, seeing as some unspecified time later, he's got the lovely Aornis. :)
Cathy M 4th Aug 6:13 AM, 2014
I agreed with you wth the im
Cathy m 4th Aug 6:21 AM, 2014
I understand it is implied. I was looking forward to their first meeting. The pup and
Young man. As an pet owner, that is an monumental moment.
Kim M 12th Aug 6:51 PM, 2014
Oh, dear. Nothing good comes of mysterious meetings over puppies when said puppy's owner eventually ends up cursed. (Not to mention the fate of said puppy. Yikes.)
AbigailBrooks 22nd May 12:44 AM, 2015
So Aornis means "without birds," which is interesting considering we know that the Beast released all of the songbirds in the castle down the road. It seems he might have done the same for his childhood songbirds, though that's not entirely clear. In any case, it seems that Aornis likes this lady, at least during their first meeting. The Beast seems to indicate that he and the woman are passingly familiar with each other, but haven't met formally...and her response to him is a good indication that he is probably a prince.
Michael 24th Apr 10:54 AM, 2017
I think that magical well webbed his fate and memories to that haunted Castle scenerie. That would mean the Cages in beasts Castle were the materialized memories from beasts human past.
Michael 24th Apr 10:58 AM, 2017
Did somebody noticed the similarity between Aornis Profile and that from the beast? Is it maybe the case that the Young man was melted together with Aornis somehow? But there must be another component, Lion possibly as Symbol for royal Family...
Runtytiger 5th Feb 12:59 PM, 2021
I know in a way, it’s plot that the dog will meet up to any stranger, which then happened to have tied their plots forward to drive the plot forward for “Beast”. But I wonder if dogs have a natural “instinct” to greet people who are “friendly” or compatible with their “pack mates”?