Act Two, Chapter Three: 07

12th Aug 12:00 AM, 2014 in Act Two: Chapter Three
Act Two, Chapter Three: 07
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 12th Aug 12:00 AM, 2014
Oh my!


XenSilverQuill 12th Aug 12:11 AM, 2014
Oh my indeed!
freaking-ray-of-sunshine 12th Aug 12:14 AM, 2014
Well... technically he is following Bowlcut's advice. At what cost though?
The_Rippy_One 19th Nov 6:59 AM, 2018
especially in that time.

especially for the woman.
cattservant 12th Aug 12:56 AM, 2014
Oh my!
HilBethJay 12th Aug 1:01 AM, 2014
I see someone knows where lambs and piglets come from.
a Drop of Beauty 12th Aug 1:56 AM, 2014
a Drop of Beauty
...DUDE!! That mask looks just like Beast!!! :D Love it.
aquitainequeen 12th Aug 4:43 AM, 2014
Why do I get the feeling this will lead to a 'woman scorned' situation?
Stitchlingbelle 12th Aug 6:20 PM, 2014
What did I say about the wenching, Beast? What did I say? </end mom voice>

Seriously though, I love the mask as well.
Metaceryn 12th Aug 11:57 PM, 2014
At the risk of being indelicate: AWWWW YEAHHHHH DAT MASK
Kristen Seraph 15th Aug 2:23 AM, 2014
I see foreshadowing in the form of a beast mask on the bed. (Clever girl) tee hee!!
Kim M 15th Aug 2:49 PM, 2014
::shakes head:: Now it's just waiting for the other shoe to drop. ...Or, the other lady, if there is indeed another lady, to retaliate?

(Also, congrats on being recommended for school libraries, Megan! If they're suggesting your Act One is a good purchase for teen collections, this page shouldn't be any hindrance to their purchasing Act Two. ...Speaking as a teen librarian, myself, anyway. ...And assuming you were still wondering. :P)
MsMegan 15th Aug 2:57 PM, 2014
This is good to know, actually. I considered cutting this page entirely, but instead opted just to tone it down a bit. I'm planning to do a little tidying of Act One before it goes into a second edition, so just let me know if you want library copies! *wink*
Kim M 15th Aug 5:43 PM, 2014
I certainly will! My library branch is currently under renovation, so I'm not acquiring titles at all at the moment (alas), but your graphic novels are exactly the sort of thing I'd want to add when we reopen.

And I'm not sure if this is the toned down page or if you're planning to tone this one down further, but this, as it stands, is akin to what most teens encounter on their TV shows. Each library has a slightly different selection criteria, of course, but where I work---a large public library---many of the staples of our graphic novels collection (Watchmen, Fables, Sandman, Bone, etc.) have pages like this.

Some of our branches (mine included) have a separate collection of comics for younger readers, which frees the teen graphic novels to be a bit more audience-specific. We try to keep the really risque (but still art!) stuff in the adult section, but a teen collection should reflect more mature themes than its juvenile counterpart. So far, your comic hits just those sorts of notes without stepping over into anything that would make me want to move it onto the adult shelves. Frankly, even with this page and the dramatic end of Act One, I'd still eagerly recommend this to certain of our middle school readers, as well.

I hope that's helpful. You might still wish to consult school librarians, but if I can offer any further insights into teen collections and their selection, please feel free to ask!
AbigailBrooks 26th May 12:03 PM, 2015
So the Beast's courtship of the lady has led to them going to bed together. While I'm not sure this would get him into trouble, since it wasn't a big deal for men to have sex before marriage in that day and age (barring the possibility of them siring bastard children, which could complicate lines of succession), I am rather concerned for the lady. If she's a courtesan, this isn't so much of a problem, but if she actually is high born, this could get her into a LOT of trouble. That could contribute to why the relationship soured, but I suppose we'll see in the future.