Act Two, Chapter Three:10

22nd Aug 12:00 AM, 2014 in Act Two: Chapter Three
Act Two, Chapter Three:10
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 22nd Aug 12:00 AM, 2014
Author's Note: I am not endorsing this. Don't lsiten to shadowy figures, go to a real doctor. Obviously.


Ann. Onymous 22nd Aug 10:13 AM, 2014
Wow. And just when we thought that the wicked could stoop no further in our eyes.
Mistress Dizzy 22nd Aug 11:45 AM, 2014
I really, really hope she's just talking about medieval birth control. Like, have the girl drink that previous to clothes coming off, to prevent pregnancy.

I am going to stick my head in the sand and not listen to the little voice saying it's for... well... making a woman miscarry.

I just don't want to have the latter image in my head.
Kim M 22nd Aug 2:12 PM, 2014
Hmm. A bastard child is always a problem, eh? Does she know this from experience?
Dvarin 22nd Aug 3:13 PM, 2014
M.Dizzy: Rue, at least, was used exactly for what you are not thinking about. It's kind of nasty in general, being also a skin irritant.
No idea what the other two are for though.
Stitchlingbelle 22nd Aug 4:07 PM, 2014
I find it interesting that her silhouette looks like Beauty's, but waaaaay more elaborate. I would assume that our Beast finds the simplicity reassuring.

Also, what a... witch.

For all that he seems to blame himself for everything, we *still* haven't seen him do anything monstrous...
Hallan 22nd Aug 6:03 PM, 2014
Yes, that's definitely Mom. "Cut that hair, boy." Definitely Mom. Can I please shoot her now?
Michael 24th Apr 11:13 AM, 2017
metaceryn 23rd Aug 2:48 AM, 2014
Wow, lady. Way to harsh on a guy's Strut of Triumph*.

That said, maybe this is Mother of the Beast's way of showing interest and care for her son. Granted, she's not hanging up "Congrats on the Sex!" banners and handing out party favors, but imagine how easily she could be flipping out about him stooping to shtupping the peasantry. Instead, he's being told not to let his happy bedroom fun times escalate out of his control, lest there be Consequences.

Is she colder than the dark side of Triton? Undoubtedly.

Or MsMegan is completely toying with us, and she's actually the family CPA who happens to have penchants for horticulture, burglary, and unsolicited advice.

*The inverse of a Walk of Shame. Usually features more high-fives.
faezocarina 27th Aug 3:16 AM, 2014
Funny, I always called it the Stride of Pride.
HilBethJay 26th Aug 12:54 AM, 2014
A quick Google search brought me to how wild carrots were used in ancient times: as a contraceptive and for abortion. This lady probably means either one or the other or BOTH.
AbigailBrooks 26th May 3:31 PM, 2015
Gah, I'm pretty sure that tincture works more as an abortive than as a contraceptive. Nasty stuff right there. She's...technically not wrong about bastard children being a problem, especially for nobility, but that's still extremely cold of her to say. (Shudders.) I do not like her. I do not like her at all.

Also yeah, pretty sure this must be his stepmother, since she's annoyed by his wild hair. That's a pretty motherly comment, right there, even if she has none of the warmth a mother should have for their child. (Shivers.)
the selkie wife 10th Mar 10:08 AM, 2017
'a bastard child is always a problem'

note from the future: DAMN is that a good burn