Act Two, Chapter Three: 12

29th Aug 12:00 AM, 2014 in Act Two: Chapter Three
Act Two, Chapter Three: 12
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 29th Aug 12:00 AM, 2014
Hey gang! Today is the last day to contribute to the Valor kickstarter, where I'll have a brand-new full colour fifteen page story! If you want to get in on it, this is your last chance, so check out the details HERE (and see my studiomate and I doing a cute little talk about fairy tales in the video!)!

If you're not into Kickstarter, I do always have Patreon as well. Thanks for always being so supportive, my dearest Dear Readers!


cattservant 29th Aug 12:30 AM, 2014
Careful Beast,
Your insight is showing!
LadyFaye 29th Aug 12:49 AM, 2014
Cue the teenager wine
"I'm boooooored!"
a Drop of Beauty 31st Aug 2:25 AM, 2014
a Drop of Beauty
O____o *twitch* they have those now???
Paula Richey 29th Aug 6:01 AM, 2014
Polishing silver, huh? ;)
MsMegan 29th Aug 2:04 PM, 2014
That one's for YOU ;)
Paula Richey 29th Aug 6:38 PM, 2014
Stitchlingbelle 29th Aug 2:52 PM, 2014
You know you're BFFs now when you whine at each other!

Too bad you're not of a scholarly bent like your sister-- think of all the papers you could write! The novels! The philosophical treatises on the nature of men and beasts!
MsMegan 30th Aug 1:47 PM, 2014
Yes, but who would she share them with? There's only so much one can do in a vacuum... And that's why I don't work from home anymore.
Kim M 19th Sep 6:10 PM, 2014
And a collection of scholarly treatises on faery tales and their psycho-sexual/historical/cultural contexts appears on a table. "Hurrah!" Beauty cries, "All I need to finally complete my dissertation!" ...Or is that a different story altogether?
AbigailBrooks 11th Jul 6:06 PM, 2015
Personally, Beauty, I would be thrilled to have so much time on my hands! Think of all the writing you could get done! However, Beauty doesn't seem much inclined towards novel-writing or attached to other artsy things (except perhaps for music, but there is only so much practicing she could do before getting bored). Some chores to break the monotony would probably be a relief for her, but the castle isn't much inclined to let her do that. So she'll have to find another way to occupy her time....
Anor-Roc Wildheart 1st Jan 6:10 AM, 2017
Beauty and I are of one mind on the situation... if I were in that castle for as long as she's been there, with nothing to look forward to but spending every day devising ingenious ways of wasting time...

Actually, I think she's taking it better than I would. XD