Act Two, Chapter Three: 23

7th Oct 12:00 AM, 2014 in Act Two: Chapter Three
Act Two, Chapter Three: 23
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 7th Oct 12:00 AM, 2014
This week I learned that googling the term "twilight" when looking for reference images of a certain time of day does not yield much that's useful...


cattservant 7th Oct 12:03 AM, 2014
Another 'good' question.
freaking-ray-of-sunshine 7th Oct 12:05 AM, 2014
I can only imagine what came up as results for googling that term: Sparkly vampires and muscular half naked werewolf men as far as the eye can see. Anyway, you did a good job! The middle panel is very beautiful and I love how the view is framed by the water fountain. c:
James 7th Oct 12:41 AM, 2014
Next time, try "dusk." Just sayin'.
TolkienOverTwilight 7th Oct 7:07 AM, 2014
Wow, the Beast looks almost... menacing in that first panel. Dejected at the very least.
Your "Twilight" panel is beautiful!!

And will this be the question that gets an actual answer? (Will Beast EVER be able to truly answer these questions?)
rufiangel 7th Oct 11:17 AM, 2014
That author's note made me laugh XD;;; aiyah!

Hmm, looks like Beauty may have potentially stepped on a very delicate landmine here? Looking forward to Beast's answer!!
Narnia4Aslan 7th Oct 2:55 PM, 2014
If one ignores or "erases" the Beast's horns and ears from the second panel, one can almost see the back of his human self... maybe it's just me, or perhaps I'm trying too hard, however I am seeing more and more of Beast's human face as the story progresses! Looking forward to seeing it for real sometime in the distant future. And btw, I love the palace and sky in the second panel... just beautiful!
AbigailBrooks 12th Jul 11:18 PM, 2015
I wonder when we'll get to see what the Beast's duties actually entail. We've had hints of it so far, mostly in him being a representative of the power which forges the contracts, but the specifics of his role are still unclear. And that is a good question, Beauty; perhaps you are doing a duty just by being there?