Act Two, Chapter Three: 25

14th Oct 9:47 AM, 2014 in Act Two: Chapter Three
Act Two, Chapter Three: 25
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 14th Oct 9:47 AM, 2014
Sorry for the delay guys -- family thanksgiving happened for the first time in, like, a decade!


Kirala 14th Oct 10:18 AM, 2014
Family Thanksgiving is important. Which, I suppose, is why you Canadians insist on moving it up so much in the calendar - to prevent endless snows from hurting travel plans? ;)

I approve of the Beast's inclination. It mirrors the wise Weasley policy: Never trust anything that thinks for itself if you can't see where it keeps its brain.
MsMegan 15th Oct 5:16 PM, 2014
I always thought that sort of smacked of Don't Talk to Strangers on the Internet...
LabRat747 19th Oct 11:21 PM, 2014
In a trophe savvy adventure it means don't mess with talking plants, A.I.'s, and most supernatural things.
Paula Richey 14th Oct 11:23 AM, 2014
Whatever you do, DON'T SPLIT UP! O.O

rufiangel 14th Oct 12:14 PM, 2014
Ho boy... love the eerieness that just creeps up on you in this page! >_<
Talktotomatoes 14th Oct 1:03 PM, 2014
I love Beast's expression in the third panel. It's delightfully fierce, but also makes him look sort of cuddly, like a guard dog. Well done!
metaceryn 14th Oct 2:04 PM, 2014
I know, right? He's all "this is highly suspicious and I must protect my girlf-guest rarr seriousness" and we're all "EEEEE MUST SQUISH THAT CUTIEFAAACE"
cattservant 14th Oct 1:04 PM, 2014
Mysterious Green
with motivations
entirely unseen...
metaceryn 14th Oct 2:13 PM, 2014
Saw the update before tumblr notified me, and my word it's getting rather classical in here.
The Doodler 15th Oct 2:54 AM, 2014
The Doodler
Things I love on this page: the overeducated, light-yet-seriously-serious banter, how eerie and atmospheric this is -- it kinda reminds me of Spirited Away -- and the Beast's good sense.
DOOO IT 15th Oct 11:36 AM, 2014
SHAAAAAHHH la la la la
My oh my
Look like the boy too shy
Ain't gonna kiss the girl
MsMegan 15th Oct 5:15 PM, 2014
Did you create that screen name specifically for this comment? XD
Guest 16th Oct 12:51 AM, 2014
Whoa whoa!
a Drop of Beauty 16th Oct 4:09 AM, 2014
a Drop of Beauty
I feel like there's something almost...heroic in beast's face in the third panel. Maybe it's just me.
Tevokkia 16th Oct 8:41 PM, 2014
That faaaaaaaaaace. Then again, I'd be suspicious of something that designed itself, too.
AbigailBrooks 19th Aug 9:24 PM, 2015
So now a hedge maze has sprung up to lead ours heroes astray. "I am suspicious of things that design themselves" - what a great line. I also love the Beast's expression in that third panel. I originally wasn't sold on his character design, but now I think it's a favorite of mine. Also the hedge maze is telling you to shush with your paranoia, Beast (but don't listen to it, you know better).
Michael 24th Apr 12:02 PM, 2017
Maybe a good occasion to grab some arm...