Act Two, Chapter Three: 26

17th Oct 12:00 AM, 2014 in Act Two: Chapter Three
Act Two, Chapter Three: 26
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 17th Oct 12:00 AM, 2014
My studiomate Other-Meaghan attempted to guess the dialogue in today's comic. She said, and I quote "blah blah blah Medea?! I was talking about Michelangelo or some shit. Classical smart stuff. I'm trying to talk like you, dumbass."

I love her.


rufiangel 17th Oct 12:16 AM, 2014
LOL @ the comment XDDD

Aww geez, that looks like a nasty cut! Did those thorns have it out for her in particular...?
cattservant 17th Oct 12:39 AM, 2014
Carnivorous hedges,
Stitchlingbelle 17th Oct 3:07 PM, 2014
I am very nervous about those bushes having some of her blood.

(Maybe I've just been reading too many October Daye books.)
Hallan 19th Oct 8:59 AM, 2014
You're not the only one, Stitchingbelle. I don't like it, either.
TolkienOverTwilight 17th Oct 9:50 PM, 2014
Lol am I wrong for seeing this as a VERY CUTE overreaction?
MadStuart 19th Oct 12:11 PM, 2014
I just recently read a Beauty and the Beast variation where the Beauty character was supposed to be a blood sacrifice to the evil spirit that brought her kingdom prosperity, and said evil spirit manifested as roses and those roses were out to get her. perhaps this is extra unsettling after reading that.
MsMegan 19th Oct 2:54 PM, 2014
Was this particular adaptation an extended excuse for the author to write woman-on-minotaur sex scenes? Or the one with desert lizard people?
Moonshadow 16th Jun 9:42 AM, 2016
I find myself curious about the desert lizard people.
Michael 24th Apr 12:15 PM, 2017
I came across a Strip lately. The princess is chained to a rock bickering and bitching around while the Dragon is sitting in front covering her face with the Hands. The Dragon hunting Knight climbs up the mountain and Comes across the Scene. Next is the Knight leaving with the Dragon (lizard Girl) over his shoulder while she cocks a snook at the still chained princess. Was a bit surprizing.
LabRat747 19th Oct 11:26 PM, 2014
I've have several bad experiences with this decorative shrub, including the worst game of sardines ever.
MadStuart 21st Oct 5:05 PM, 2014
The one with the desert lizard people!

...vaguely curious about the Minotaur sex now.
MsMegan 21st Oct 5:35 PM, 2014
haha, it was "Goddess of the Rose". I wouldnt call it a good book by any stretch of the imagination, but the author certainly accomplished what he/she set out to do.
Michael 24th Apr 12:20 PM, 2017
Is that soft porn for Women? So as fifty shades of gray? Women have a knack for mindgames while the men are more with the naked truth, at least as Long as they are with men only. Some might be different alone in their homes.
MadStuart 21st Oct 6:10 PM, 2014
Dear morbid curiosity, you do not need to read that book just to find out how they fit in both evil carnivorous god-roses and lots of minotaur sex.
AbigailBrooks 19th Aug 9:28 PM, 2015
The hedge maze wants your bloooooooooood, Beauty. Blood is such a source of magical power! Also I am swooning at how the Beast knows just what plants to use to help with her cut. His botanical knowledge is sexy to my intellectual side.