Act Two, Chapter Three: 29

28th Oct 12:00 AM, 2014 in Act Two: Chapter Three
Act Two, Chapter Three: 29
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 28th Oct 12:00 AM, 2014
nope no good
MsMegan 28th Oct 9:31 AM, 2014
Hey Darlings! The file is fixed, sorry for the inconvenience to you early-morning readers!


Mindsword2 28th Oct 12:36 AM, 2014
The page is very large. I can only see parts of any panel at any one time. Could be a chrome thing...
Mistress Dizzy 28th Oct 12:50 AM, 2014
I'm on Chrome too, and the page is huge... >_< Bah, technology.
SpiralofDragon 28th Oct 1:21 AM, 2014
Safari. Still huge so not a chrome thing
cattservant 28th Oct 2:30 AM, 2014
Gremlins in the maze!
Tuima 28th Oct 2:59 AM, 2014
Can't see it… :(
I need my BatB fix!
Lady Faye 28th Oct 4:29 AM, 2014
Anyone else notice she now has something around her shoulders? They almost look like wings. And one of the whispers called her "little duck."
Lady Faye 28th Oct 4:31 AM, 2014
Also, very beautiful job on a close up of her lips.
metaceryn 28th Oct 4:52 AM, 2014
Ha ha! Tablet browsing for the win!

And for people who can't zoom out enough to see: there're rough seas ahead, duckies, but it's still fun.
Chip 28th Oct 8:00 AM, 2014
The pic won't even load for me
Cathy M nyc 28th Oct 9:03 AM, 2014
I don't see anything at all. Could you re-do
TolkienOverTwilight 28th Oct 5:00 PM, 2014
Wasnt our dear Beauty winged in her nightmare during the last act?

It seems the maze is creating a dream like state around her... mixed with painful messages.
Stitchlingbelle 28th Oct 9:16 PM, 2014
So are the invisible/ freed birds connected to her and her mother? At least thematically?

And/ or is the bird theme a callback to Panna a netvor?
rufiangel 29th Oct 1:24 AM, 2014
Little duck?? D: Beauty, get outta there!
gewels 29th Oct 2:09 AM, 2014
Well, I finally "caught up", so time to post and tell you that I"m just LOVING this story!! I didn't think I'd like the b/w format, but it's amazing just how expressive you've made it.

It took me forever to read up to current, I envy those who say they've read it all in a day or two!! for some reason the pages take forever to load. I'm guessing it's ComicFury causing the issue for me, because I can load up all sorts of other pages without an issue. But I suppose it says something for your webcomic if I've been willing to put up with dreadfully slow loading, right?? :)
a Drop of Beauty 30th Oct 7:47 PM, 2014
a Drop of Beauty
AHHH!!! Save her Beast!!
Guest 30th Oct 8:59 PM, 2014
hrmm, "little duck." I swear, if she turns into Odette or something...X3
AbigailBrooks 19th Aug 9:46 PM, 2015
Yes, that's right Beauty, get hypnotized by the voices and go straight into the maze and bleed all over the (potentially sacred) ground. That won't end poorly at all. Also this is super creepy because it definitely makes it seem like the ruler of the castle is targeting Beauty / wants to lure her into potential danger, and it's only the Beast who's been insuring her safety. On another note, I love the way her "wings" are lifting around her.
Michael 24th Apr 12:28 PM, 2017
I would be afraid a part of Beasts mother is in there. But maybe it is all just the part that beast remembers of his mother?
I always have the Feeling it has much to do with beast mind and subconscious things.
Elkian 14th Jun 1:06 AM, 2016
At least she's leaving a trail.