Happy Halloween 2014!

1st Nov 12:00 AM, 2014
Happy Halloween 2014!
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 1st Nov 12:00 AM, 2014
OooOOooh, happy Halloween, Dear Readers! This year The Beast balked at being cast as Scooby Doo, so instead these two are all dolled up as Lewis and Vivi from Mystery Skulls' "Ghost" video. Happy Hauntings, and see y'all on Tuesday!


Guest 1st Nov 2:06 PM, 2014
He makes for a rather dashing bone beast!
Fluffy Shark 2nd Nov 12:15 AM, 2014
Oh my gosh I love you even more for this!
AbigailBrooks 19th Aug 9:52 PM, 2015
Ahahahahahahaha, the creepiness in the comic coincided with Halloween! That's wonderful! And so is this very cute illustration! I adore it when you show Beauty and the Beast dressing up as characters from other series! :D
DawnStar 29th Aug 8:38 PM, 2015
No idea why I skipped past this without watching the video but Mystery Skulls "Ghost" is fantastic! Also actually kinda fits with Beauty and the Beast theme. Hopefully our story has a bit happier of an ending though. :D
MsMegan 29th Aug 9:44 PM, 2015
I promise you nothing! *smoke bomb*