Act Two, Chapter Three: 31

3rd Nov 11:00 PM, 2014 in Act Two: Chapter Three
Act Two, Chapter Three: 31
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 3rd Nov 11:00 PM, 2014
Oh, it's just you.


Guest 4th Nov 12:10 AM, 2014
Hey! This is perfect image plus it landed on my birthday so best gift ever!
Daisy 4th Nov 7:23 AM, 2014
Happy Birthday! I hope it's a good one. Having a page of your favorite comic update on your birthday is one of those special gifts.
MsMegan 4th Nov 10:20 AM, 2014
Happy birthday!
rufiangel 4th Nov 2:31 AM, 2014
Oh my giddy aunt, whatever does this all mean?? Beautifully done sequence, ma'am!!
MsMegan 4th Nov 10:20 AM, 2014
Rufiangel, your comments always make my day!
cattservant 4th Nov 3:58 AM, 2014
Hallan 4th Nov 8:27 AM, 2014
This page is absolutely gorgeous. Well done! :)
Guest 4th Nov 2:27 PM, 2014
And since it's my birthday too, it's gotta be good. Love the imagery shift.
Stitchlingbelle 4th Nov 4:21 PM, 2014
He ran on all fours, Beauty! That means it's serious!
TolkienOverTwilight 6th Nov 12:08 PM, 2014
A truth telling maze, it seems.
Guest 6th Nov 5:05 PM, 2014
What days do you update?
MsMegan 6th Nov 7:48 PM, 2014
Hi guest! we update Tuesdays and Fridays!
Guest 7th Nov 1:50 PM, 2014
aha! Me-thinks I see a Disney's Belle eye-squint ;3
AbigailBrooks 19th Aug 9:56 PM, 2015
"Who is that?" thinks Beauty. And as he comes closer, she can no longer see the man he really is, but the Beast again. Does the fourth panel show the disruption of the illusion? Because it's curious what is happening to his clothes. And yes, Beast, make her get the hell out of the murder maze! It really doesn't seem like a nice place to be!