Act Two, Chapter Three: 34

13th Nov 11:00 PM, 2014 in Act Two: Chapter Three
Act Two, Chapter Three: 34
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 13th Nov 11:00 PM, 2014
fun fact: chamomile is gross


rufiangel 13th Nov 11:57 PM, 2014
I can't drink chamomile. XD;;; It's just... not my cup of tea. ZING!
TolkienOverTwilight 14th Nov 11:02 AM, 2014
you do look a little frazzled there Beauty... now shush and let Beast take care of you.
cattservant 14th Nov 4:48 PM, 2014
The voice of experience.
Aislynn Care 17th Nov 4:41 PM, 2014
I really love the way you arrange this awsome tale (one of my favorite when I was a kid). I like this beast better then the one of Disney ^^

I'm thinking that it could be interesting if Belle was to fall ill and beast had to care for her.
litl_paff 24th Nov 4:56 PM, 2014
Fully agree. I am loving this version more than Disney and that is saying something considering that it is my favorite tale!
Guest 17th Nov 11:55 PM, 2014
Did anybody make chamomile tea for Beast after his magic experience? I wonder...
Guest 2nd Dec 2:22 PM, 2014
Chamomile also can help sore throats.
Also, I think chamomile tea tastes good.
MsMegan 2nd Dec 3:07 PM, 2014
I find ginger and honey works better for me, probably because I dislike the taste of chamomile.

Fun story: So, the first time I met Laura, who edited the first print volume of BATB, she came to stay at my house and wound up getting really really sick. So I sat up with her most of the night while she was vomiting and made ginger tea for her to keep the nausea down and sterilize her throat. She side-eyed me pretty good and accused me of just being The Beast. Tl;Dr this book made me better at herbal remedies.
Michael 24th Apr 12:44 PM, 2017
You mean, she was afraid you hit on her or just being motherly?
AbigailBrooks 19th Aug 10:13 PM, 2015
Ooooooh, I like this page. It feels very cozy and sweet after the creepy maze. Also I like the little detail about how "something real" can ground you after your mind is messed with by magic. While we know the Beast learned about plants and herbs from a very young age, perhaps his persistence in tending to them, despite the bad memories that might be associated with them, is due to how they can "ground" him.
Michael 24th Apr 12:42 PM, 2017
I did not like chamomile as a child but now i do like it. Ginger on the other Hand is not so my direction. I would take it when offered, but i dont like it so much.
The Young Entity 4th May 7:09 PM, 2018
I personally have never been fond of chamomile OR ginger/ginger-lemon.
Give me peppermint any day XD
eekee 27th Mar 12:59 AM, 2019
I love chamomile, but "real" is not the word I'd use for its calming sensation! ;) I know, it's real compared to the magic of this story, but it doesn't quite feel like it.:)