Act Two, Chapter Three: 38

28th Nov 12:00 AM, 2014 in Act Two: Chapter Three
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Act Two, Chapter Three: 38
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MsMegan 28th Nov 12:00 AM, 2014 edit delete
Gloomy 'gus
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Paula Richey 28th Nov 10:21 AM, 2014 edit delete reply
This explains SO MUCH!!!
Stitchlingbelle 28th Nov 12:40 PM, 2014 edit delete reply
Loving Beast in that top panel. Yummy.

Also love love love all these hints!!!
The Doodler 28th Nov 2:55 PM, 2014 edit delete reply
The Doodler
He looks so ... plesantly mundane, here?
TolkienOverTwilight 29th Nov 12:36 AM, 2014 edit delete reply
He seems so... peaceful in the third panel.
Nwa Bote 30th Nov 3:37 AM, 2014 edit delete reply
Why is the rolled up sleeve thing so attractive? I'm over here reaching for a fan!

And he looks so relaxed, what a nice (gradual) change. :-)
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 9:40 PM, 2015 edit delete reply
So...he's not just an emissary, but the scary creature sent to enforce the contract if someone tries to escape it. That must have been a horrible life for the Beast, considering his gentler nature. Now he's free to be himself, or mostly himself, around Beauty, which doubtlessly contributes towards him treasuring her company. Beauty also essentially says that she doesn't consider him to be a monster, despite his bestial moments, which is very sweet. I wonder if the Beast agrees with her that about her "knowing him" now - somehow I doubt it, since she doesn't know his story yet.
nathyfaith 17th Feb 2:15 PM, 2016 edit delete reply