Act Two, Chapter Three: 39

1st Dec 11:00 PM, 2014 in Act Two: Chapter Three
Act Two, Chapter Three: 39
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 1st Dec 11:00 PM, 2014
"I don't feel so wretched around you" is not good flirtation, sweetie.


Hallan 1st Dec 11:16 PM, 2014
It is, however, fantastically appealing honesty. Not to mention that "you make me feel better" isn't exactly small potatoes as a compliment. :)

Gorgeous artwork, gorgeous character development. Just as I've come to expect from you, Ms. Megan. :)
Dvarin 2nd Dec 9:27 AM, 2014
> "I don't feel so wretched around you" is not good flirtation, sweetie.

Ehh, it would be in certain emo genres.

...which this story is fortunately not one of.
Laevateinn 2nd Dec 12:06 PM, 2014
I can honestly see "I don't feel so wretched around you" being a part of one of those teen romance adaptations of BatB like Beastly. It wouldn't look out of place there, that's for sure!
litl_paff 2nd Dec 10:12 AM, 2014
I am loving the character development! You are awesome! I get excited when I wake up knowing there will be an update! It feels REAL. As in, I could see anyone being able to have this same kind of conversation. Having that, it really draws in the reader.
TolkienOverTwilight 2nd Dec 10:44 AM, 2014
I just.... my heart.
Stitchlingbelle 2nd Dec 1:04 PM, 2014
All the feels!
Marumae 2nd Dec 9:56 PM, 2014
Every time I try to think of something to say when you release a new panel it dies on it's way from my brain to my fingers and I end up wanting to go GOOD COMIC YAY. I absolutely love the artwork on this panel, the Beast has such a surprising amount of facial expression. It seems like when he's working or concentrating on something he just...opens up to Beauty. It makes me all a flutter <3
Mistress Dizzy 3rd Dec 12:11 AM, 2014
I see it more like a compliment, what he's saying. He feels free around her, and he's not used to that... but at the same time, he feels inadequate in his roles.

So with her, in his freedom... he loses that feeling of 'not good enough' and is just himself.

I am seriously resonating with this page, so hard.

*gives Beast a hug because she understands*
Michael 24th Apr 1:24 PM, 2017
Same here.
A big compliment. After all that time as a beast, she is and does something extraordinary to him. Something that moves him inside. Very touching in my opinion.
AbigailBrooks 20th Aug 9:54 PM, 2015
Any time the Beast talks about trying to fulfil a certain role, I get this distant echo of "What is my purpose?" in the back of my head. Yet in any case, it's interesting that the Beast went from striving and struggling to fulfill the expectations of others - at the potential cost to himself and his own happiness - to being forced to fulfil a role at the actual price of losing himself and his happiness. It's an extension of the abuse he was going through as a human and the mindset he developed from that. That being around Beauty makes him feel better about himself - and about being a "failure" to those authority figures - is actually touching, though it's not as outright romantic as a girl like Beauty might wish.
Michael 24th Apr 1:28 PM, 2017
what romantic. Are they that far already? I dont think so.

But i was wrong about that in my life as well. I thought about having a diner date and come carefully closer and she was already at third base what frightened me a bit and frustrated her. Aah the youth. So many mistakes.
Anor-Roc Wildheart 1st Jan 5:04 PM, 2017
...Is that a javelin in my heart, or is it just your writing?