Act Two, Chapter Three: 53

19th Jan 11:00 PM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Three
Act Two, Chapter Three: 53
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 19th Jan 11:00 PM, 2015
I had this page open as three of my studiomates passed on their way to the kitchen, and they all went "WOAH, WHAT IS THIS?!" and it was very satisfying.


rufiangel 19th Jan 11:59 PM, 2015
AHHHHHH too cute TOO CUTE XD;;; *dies*

But seriously is Beast oblivious of Beauty's expression right now? Her face is practically screaming I AM ATTRACTED TO YOU XD;;;
The Huntswoman 20th Jan 12:28 AM, 2015
Guest 20th Jan 12:28 AM, 2015
the wonderful emotions I'm feeling right now cannot be expressed in words. i wonder what beauty will say.
Fluffy Kaiju 20th Jan 12:55 AM, 2015
I can't handle how adorable this is.
Guest 20th Jan 2:07 AM, 2015
Omg!!!!!!!!! I'm on pins and needles! So happy for them xD
TolkienOverTwilight 20th Jan 7:48 AM, 2015

Hallan 20th Jan 7:50 AM, 2015
Beauty's blushing so hard it reflects off Beast's finger. Fantastic facial expressions, MsMegan!
Laevateinn 20th Jan 9:53 AM, 2015
Darn it! Don't make me ship these two characters together any more than I already do, Megan! Beauty's expression is adorable!
JadeWolf 20th Jan 10:57 AM, 2015
Continue on.
Paula Richey 20th Jan 2:24 PM, 2015
Not missing Beast's intent ears.... Or Beauty's not-so-subtle lips...
Kawaii overload!!! 20th Jan 2:57 PM, 2015
Remember Beast. Don't go too far. You don't wanna scare her like last time, do ya?
Mistress Dizzy 20th Jan 6:27 PM, 2015
Oh my god these last two pages... The slow, silent build up. I can practically feel the heat building between them. The art makes it all the better. I am in love with stuff like this, the unspoken moments.
What's said in the silence is usually the loudest.
Amorbear 20th Jan 9:05 PM, 2015
Don't try to hide it now go on and kiss the girl...shlalalala
Twinkle Toes the Berserke 20th Jan 10:39 PM, 2015
NOW KISS wait no

In other news, I started reading Cruel Beauty. Its interesting. I think I might kind of know what is going on, but I'll hold off judgment until I'm a little farther in.
MsMegan 21st Jan 11:14 AM, 2015
Is Cruel Beauty the one with lizard people? I felt like it wasn't very well balanced or fleshed out, myself... :/
Michaila 5th Feb 10:22 PM, 2015
No, it's the one with the Lord of shadows/ demon as the beast and Beauty (Nyx) has a twin Sister named Astraia
Seren 21st Jan 7:54 PM, 2015
Still in love with this comic.

Ms. Megan, Beauty and the Beast has always been one of my favorite stories. I've started hunting for copies of Beaumont and Villeneuve's tellings but I haven't had any luck. Any recommendations?
Hizome 22nd Jan 11:54 AM, 2015
Chels 22nd Jan 12:13 PM, 2015
Ah!! I have to comment for the first time this is amazing!!! The expression beast has is so soft and tender. I would buy this page as a print and frame it!!! Just so I could stare....xD
And also about Cruel Beauty, it's not the one you're thinking of that's Of Beast and Beauty.
I actually loved Cruel Beauty, it was very interesting and the characters made me just want to know more, you should check it out.
: )
AbigailBrooks 22nd Aug 8:42 PM, 2015
(Fans self.) That gentle touch - that warm look on his face - Beauty's blush - I can barely handle how tender this page is! I feel like if there was music playing over this moment, it would have gone quiet or just had some single instrument playing. So cuuuuuuute!
Elkian 14th Jun 1:15 AM, 2016
Sarah~ 16th Jun 5:29 PM, 2016
omg. omg. omg. I just can't...omg ^///^
The Young Entity 4th May 8:21 PM, 2018
I have the perfect music playing for this!

Loving this moment for the third time now. It never gets old.