Act Two, Chapter Three: 54

22nd Jan 11:00 PM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Three
Act Two, Chapter Three: 54
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 22nd Jan 11:00 PM, 2015
play it cool, guys.


Legolas 22nd Jan 11:42 PM, 2015
Oh can you feel the love tonight
The Huntswoman 23rd Jan 6:11 PM, 2015
The peace the evening brings.
Mistress Dizzy 23rd Jan 12:24 AM, 2015
If the next panel is of Beast grinning like a little boy, I will lose it.

Also, I don't think Beauty's going to sleep.
Hallan 23rd Jan 5:38 AM, 2015
And he's not doing that enough in Panel 4 for you? :)
MsMegan 23rd Jan 2:17 PM, 2015
in spite of the day's events, he remains cautiously restrained.
Pandoras Box 23rd Jan 12:35 AM, 2015
Pandoras Box
All I hear is Beauty with the japanese schoolgirl voice. "H..Hai!" then dashing off.

So flippin' cute.
MsMegan 23rd Jan 9:41 AM, 2015
Beast-Sempai has most definitely noticed you now, Beauty.
rufiangel 23rd Jan 1:29 AM, 2015
*dies* XD;;; *of cuteness <3*
Gysae 23rd Jan 5:55 AM, 2015
Well I haven't ever commented up to this point, but I think, MsMegan, you ought to be informed that I've been rereading the last twenty pages or so over the past few days while waiting for this update. I think I'm at thirty repetitions or so by this point...I've got it mostly memorized! Beauty and the Beast is my very favorite fairy tale, and I can't think of anyone who's currently doing it more justice than you. I can't wait to see what's next!
Paula Richey 23rd Jan 6:51 AM, 2015
What *are* you saying yes to, Beauty? *raises eyebrows* I suppose it's just as well Beast has deviated from his usual script, or this chapter would end the book. ;)

Also, I think we all heard her voice squeak. :D nice work!

And I am now more curious than ever how things will look in the morning.
MsMegan 23rd Jan 2:18 PM, 2015
I think I did say this is probably the best branching off point for...alternate endings. ;)
Hallan 24th Jan 10:25 AM, 2015
[George Takei] Oh, my! [/George Takei]
Tevokkia 23rd Jan 8:43 AM, 2015
Beast in panel 4 - such a cutie! I love how flustered Beauty is on this page; you can practically feel the heat radiating off of her cheeks.
Laevateinn 23rd Jan 1:12 PM, 2015
I love, love, love, love LOVE Beast's expression in the fourth panel. He has that soft expression which is both gentle and warm all at the same time. His smile is infectious - I find myself smiling every time I see his face like that, too!

(That being said, I do kinda miss the dark undertones - I long to hear more about the two other ladies in Beast's life).
Akela 23rd Jan 5:00 PM, 2015
@Pandora's Box good god that's exactly what I heard too "H..Hai!" *blush* *run off* *DOKIDOKI DOKIDOKI*

This is the most adorable part ever still XD
Carolyn 26th Jan 1:48 PM, 2015
-blows up-
Hizome 26th Jan 3:25 PM, 2015
Be still my heart
DawnStar 30th Jul 12:48 AM, 2015
I just have to tell you... this page is SO perfect because I'm totally Beauty. Head for the hills in embarrassment the second affection is involved. Love how she backpedals just quick enough to say goodnight! XD
AbigailBrooks 22nd Aug 8:48 PM, 2015
Well the Beast is playing it cool, but Beauty is basically reacting the same way I did when I first kissed a boy's cheek - by blushing and running away as quickly as possible. I love the Beast's tentative smile (he still has the book, so I wonder if the next few pages will have some mood whiplash), as well as how Beauty comes back to say goodnight. These two are so adorable.
eekee 27th Mar 1:13 AM, 2019
ehehehehehehehehehe! So funny-cute-sweet! Yay!
Guest 22nd Oct 12:52 AM, 2020
LOOk at him... he looks so pleased with himself