Act Two, Chapter Five: 08

14th Jul 12:00 AM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Five
Act Two, Chapter Five: 08
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 14th Jul 12:00 AM, 2015


Fluffy 14th Jul 12:06 AM, 2015
Nose injury avoided????
metaceryn 14th Jul 3:57 AM, 2015
I think we're still going to see that nose injury really soon, but it won't be an accident.
a Drop of Beauty 14th Jul 2:25 AM, 2015
a Drop of Beauty
OH my goodness!!!
The Doodler 14th Jul 2:47 AM, 2015
The Doodler
cattservant 14th Jul 10:39 AM, 2015
Hard way to get a hug.
Kawaii overload!!! 14th Jul 11:12 AM, 2015
Aw. Mom saves the day. That's sweet of her to do that, Ms. Megan.
MsMegan 14th Jul 1:03 PM, 2015
Nanami_G 15th Jul 6:02 PM, 2015
Honestly, I'd be surprised if that ended up being his mother. Or maybe the "mother" we've been seeing is actually a step-mother?
Adrek Norn 15th Aug 10:34 AM, 2015
Adrek Norn
great reflexes
AbigailBrooks 24th Aug 6:00 PM, 2015
I'm pretty sure that's his stepmother, given some previous versions of the story, though thus far I haven't worked out how their relationship came to this. That hug, with her cupping the back of his head and her arm around his back, seems to protective, but she's not nearly as soft to him as it suggests-

Oh my god I just realized the obvious symbolic significance of Beauty and her mother being associated with birds, and the Beast trying all of his life to protect the birds under his care, and the authority figure(s) in his life trying to hurt/kill them. Goddamn it, that's so obvious, how did I miss that?

(Sigh.) Well at least she managed to save little Argus.
DawnStar 1st Sep 11:20 AM, 2015
OH MY GOSH. I never put these two things together!!! Thanks! It makes so much more sense now...
AbigailBrooks 1st Sep 12:42 PM, 2015
I can't believe it took me so long to put together myself, XD.
the selkie wife 8th Sep 2:14 PM, 2016
I want it to be his mother, purely because I am tired of seeing Evil Stepmother tropes, as tired as I think my actual stepmother is of seeing them, too.
Michael 24th Apr 7:44 PM, 2017
I have seen bad mothers. My own has her flaws.

The neighbor regularly hit her children. She even kicked her own daughter at the wedding ceremony in the ass. The daughter did not Show up for ten years after that.