Act Two, Chapter Five: 10

21st Jul 7:46 AM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Five
Act Two, Chapter Five: 10
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cattservant 21st Jul 9:17 AM, 2015
Accelerated learning!
James 21st Jul 9:48 AM, 2015
Snot or blood?
Boss Lady 21st Jul 11:29 AM, 2015
Look at the dark puddle in the first panel. That's blood.

I hate abusive parents...
Kawaii overload!!! 21st Jul 11:52 AM, 2015
Wow. I take back everything I had assumed about mommy here…SHES A TOTAL TYRANT!!!! That jerk… D:<
Olivia 21st Jul 2:07 PM, 2015
Kid needs a hug
Does this mother have anything to do with the present narrative? Is she the reason for the boy's change into the beast? Or is she simply a background character?
You have to question everything lol
Nanami_G 21st Jul 2:44 PM, 2015
How does one look so terrified one moment and the next be completely uncaring? She was scared when she saw him going out the window, but laying on the floor crying with a bloody nose doesn't induce any sort of sympathy or compassion? How do you care about one injury but not another?
Jessie Blue 21st Jul 4:04 PM, 2015
Jessie Blue
Well I'm not condoning her in the slightest but falling out the window would've killed him while a "mere" slap is "just correction". Also him falling out of the window was a random accident (out of her control) while the striking the boy was under her control and therefore "safe" in her mind.
Fluffy 21st Jul 5:00 PM, 2015
God dammit! Get this child some tissues, a couple of cookies, and a hug!
Paula Richey 21st Jul 5:00 PM, 2015
Well, she might just hate to be accused of throwing him out the window.
The Doodler 21st Jul 10:08 PM, 2015
The Doodler
If this is following the oldest version of this story, the French 1700s one, EVEN MORE layers of creepy.
Michael 24th Apr 7:57 PM, 2017
Yeah, the old tales for children are frightening. Cannibalizing, burning old women in the oven etc.
lechuga 22nd Jul 3:10 AM, 2015
Again, her punishment for him /accidentally/ almost falling out of a window is not equal to the consequence that a rational parent would have imposed on the child.

So, we can add physical abuse to the emotional abuse at the beginning of this chapter. What other crimes has she committed against Argus?
JustLikeWonderful 22nd Jul 8:28 AM, 2015
It's also very possible that she actually doesn't care about him, but need him alive in some way. The story did hint earlier that she sees him as a tool or an asset to be used, so it's perfectly possible that she cares about keeping him alive, but isn't actually concerned about his wellbeing.

That said, I'll be super pissed if THAT'S how he got the crooked nose we all love (and seriously, how does one break a nose with a slap?).
MsMegan 22nd Jul 10:27 AM, 2015
JustLikeWonderful 24th Jul 8:59 AM, 2015
Dammit, can't argue with plot magic...
Candace 22nd Jul 10:46 AM, 2015
That wasn't a "mere slap." She wound up and back handed a child in the face possibly breaking his nose. And falling out the window would have been her doing. Looks like she has a history of being abusive and he was probably afraid that she was on her way to kill his birds. So he ran to save them while she gave chase. Poor thing.
Candace 22nd Jul 10:48 AM, 2015
I looked back and it wasn't a backhand. But it wasn't a mere slap as it had enough force to throw him to the ground.
Michael 24th Apr 8:00 PM, 2017
With this Kind of slap there is a good Chance for rapture of the eardrum. That is serious.
Paula Richey 22nd Jul 10:47 AM, 2015
I figured she slapped him so hard that he fell on his face, thereby breaking his nose.
Mad Hatter 22nd Jul 12:47 PM, 2015
Can I feed her to my demon dogs? Please? She deserves it for being an abusive douche.
Willibald 22nd Jul 1:22 PM, 2015
Just missing the: "I let you know, that hurts me more than you".
Reminds me of my mom, kind of.
DawnStar 26th Jul 1:21 PM, 2015
No!!! I caught up..... T_T
But I love this story SO MUCH! I've always loved the story of Beauty and the Beast but this one has so much depth of character! I'd always wished the Disney movie had been longer and had more scene of Beauty and Beast getting to know each other. I'm loving every moment of this and I'll definitely be back every update.
Adrek Norn 15th Aug 10:36 AM, 2015
Adrek Norn
a little bit too hard :-(
AbigailBrooks 24th Aug 6:20 PM, 2015
Uuuuuuuuuuugh this must be how he broke his nose! That's definitely blood on his face and hands! "Don't ever disobey me again" - Christ, what is /wrong/ with you, lady? (Shudders.) And to think that he will later go on to be contractually bound to obey someone or else suffer from mini heart attacks! His life will just go from bad to worse....