Act Two, Chapter Five: 11

24th Jul 12:00 AM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Five
Act Two, Chapter Five: 11
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 24th Jul 12:00 AM, 2015
Little winded there, buddy?


Tuima 24th Jul 12:29 AM, 2015
Arrrgh. He already knows he's trapped; you don't have to rub it in his face!
cattservant 24th Jul 2:35 AM, 2015
Need a bath?
Hallan 24th Jul 7:24 AM, 2015
More he needs to see? Or maybe just offering him a drink after his run?
Tantz Aerine 24th Jul 11:06 AM, 2015
Tantz Aerine
This was an intense sequence so far! I am happy I had the chance to read it in bulk at one go! Well done!
ksclaw 24th Jul 4:43 PM, 2015
Would "Splash splash" be fountain language for "We need to talk"? ;P
metaceryn 24th Jul 10:02 PM, 2015
It's definitely not "Splashy splashy," which Eddie Izzard reported to be something entirely different.
Cora 24th Jul 7:47 PM, 2015
metaceryn 25th Jul 2:50 AM, 2015
GEEZ, this is the pushiest-damn water feature ever. Can't let the poor guy get freshened up and dressed before the next Portentious Vision?

And there is just something unsettling about his pose at the bottom, as if he knows what a lounging person looks like but hasn't quite figured out how to make it work with his forelimbs and shoulderblades.

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Ssenemosewa 26th Jul 9:10 AM, 2015
I love how this webcomic is about Beauty AND the Beast, instead of mostly Beauty. With Disney's you only get a peak into the Beast's backstory and then the rest of the movie is almost all about Belle(still a good movie though). I love your art and story, it's all beautifully done :)
MsMegan 26th Jul 12:20 PM, 2015
Act one favoured Beauty's POV and act two favours The Beast's a bit more heavily... not quite sure where act three will sit (In a twist, it is entirely Virtue's POV and she's not happy about any of this business)!
AbigailBrooks 24th Aug 6:23 PM, 2015
Oh god, the fountain is like the maze - it's willing to follow its victim/intended victim around. This adds to the idea that it's a manifestation of the ruler here, rather than just a magical item. The poor Beast can't escape it, no matter how hard and how far he runs.