Act Two, Chapter Five: 13

31st Jul 12:00 AM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Five
Act Two, Chapter Five: 13
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 31st Jul 12:00 AM, 2015
a lesson worth learning, however painful it may be.


angelaturing 31st Jul 12:25 AM, 2015
Nice pacing for panels.
anono ous 31st Jul 12:46 AM, 2015
i need more
Alyssa 31st Jul 1:05 AM, 2015
Oh, look at me, chiming in for the first time in over a year or two (?!). I've been following religiously, though, I swear.

That last panel could change the whole story. Beauty is with the Beast in order to "protect" her father, who never really was in danger. Usually the Beast in many versions does not know her beforehand and merely wants company and the chance to break his curse. If the Beast was trying to actually protect her from the start, though--not just with the illness, but in imprisoning her to begin with--this just changed the whole game.

This is still my favorite webcomic. <3
DawnStar 1st Aug 8:18 PM, 2015
So I've been thinking about the comic and your comment... What if the reason Beast brought her to his castle creating a NEW contract with her was so that she wouldn't die? In the intro Beauty's mother created a contract so that Beauty wouldn't die of a fever. However during the contract scene we hear that beauty would only live as long at the mother would live. Technically only giving her the rest of what her mother's lifespan should be, be it 5 years or 20! Beast was in the shadows when Beauty was given a rose.... enforcing the agreement? I'm thinking that maybe her being his companion is his was of overriding her death clause. He may have known how long her mother was supposed to live, thus he hoped to get Beauty to save her from an early death! She needs to fill out her agreement of being his companion, and until then she can’t die because it would break his agreement. Still…. There was something more to it. Whoever was talking to the mother said that it’s not as simple as a life for a life…it makes you wonder what else Beauty/her mother have gotten themselves into.
nathyfaith 18th Feb 7:41 AM, 2016
MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY Dawn. Because he had a contract with her father and mother or Beast's mother/witch had a contract with Beauty's parents, they gave her the time he could for the rose (that I image is immortal since is enchanted) but when Beauty's father stole her another rose he broke their 'contract'. And now he had to pay for his transgressions.
Beast's mother might have been transformed in the well when she went too far with her own powers.

But than I could be wrong...
metaceryn 31st Jul 2:16 AM, 2015
cattservant 31st Jul 7:39 AM, 2015
Beast is gathering wisdom.
Kawaii overload!!! 31st Jul 8:24 AM, 2015
From the way Beast is talking, Ms Megan, it almost sounds like the fountain is his own mother. Or maybe even the very reason he is a beast to begin with.
prime_pm 31st Jul 8:52 AM, 2015
Well sometimes you can't help but to cage the things you love. Those kids have got to get to school.
Guest 2nd Aug 9:25 PM, 2015
What's the adage? If you love something, let it go?

Also, what's with the groin pic on the top comment?
AbigailBrooks 24th Aug 6:56 PM, 2015
This is suggesting that the ruler is the same person as his stepmother, though I'm not sold on that idea quite yet. After all, if that was the case, why does she appear as a fountain and as part of the maze? Did the Beast murder her at the fountain and that's the reason why? This also brings up something else - what compelled the ruler to force the Beast to relearn this lesson with the mute nightingales? Does that go back to the contract with Beauty's mother? And...yes, Beast, you can't keep those you love safe by keeping them in cages. That's an idea you no doubt learned from your guardian, so I'm glad you've reflected on it enough to realize her way of doing things was /wrong/.