Act Two, Chapter Five: 16

11th Aug 12:00 AM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Five
Act Two, Chapter Five: 16
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 11th Aug 12:00 AM, 2015
grump grump grump


cattservant 11th Aug 12:49 AM, 2015
Beastly temper.
metaceryn 11th Aug 1:20 AM, 2015
I'm not so sure that when he said "you're in my damn head," he wasn't being literal-that this exchange is taking place in his exhausted, fevered mind. It would explain how the fountain, you know, straight-up appeared after he "woke up," although we may/may not have seen it do that before in the first garden tour.
WuseMajor 11th Aug 2:30 AM, 2015
Well, at least he's not a fountain. I mean, ok, I don't like his mother either. Based on his memories, she seems like an over controlling jerk. Still, I have to assume that getting turned into a fountain would make anyone grumpy, so I can't say as I'm surprised that she takes it out on him, just like she always has.
manga 11th Aug 8:39 AM, 2015
Haven't we seen this fountain before? I think this is the fountain from that "sacred space" the old huntsman/dog-handler told him is a place not to mess with.
Lostariel 11th Aug 11:21 AM, 2015
First I was deeply upset, then there was something that sounded vaguely like a Labyrinth reference, and then I was upset again.
MsMegan 11th Aug 11:43 AM, 2015
That's a pretty good summary of my life, really.
metaceryn 11th Aug 2:34 PM, 2015
The tumblr RSS entry for this page says "Making puppets"...

...but I read it as "Making puppies" and pretty much flipped out because I didn't think it was going to THAT kind of comic.

(also imagining kid!Beauty and puppy!Beast playing in the dirt and reading My First Ovid and I just can't even)
MsMegan 11th Aug 4:19 PM, 2015
Tempting as that may be, I'm gonna have to leave the puppy-making business to the fan fiction department. ;P
(Though I've always sort of loved that line from Castle Waiting, right after Pindar is born-- "You're your daddy's boy, yes you are! Good thing you don't have his horns, though." )
Narnia4Aslan 22nd Aug 3:21 AM, 2015
Oh, thank you! I never heard of Castle Waiting until I read your comment, but the inference intrigued me and I looked it up, then bought it, and have now re-read it three times in the past three days! (and I almost never re-read books) Oh my I just love it and I'm so glad you mentioned it or I never would have! I have ordered the second volume and am expecting it to arrive tomorrow. Looking forward to it! :) Thank you for introducing me to this treasure of a story! :)
MsMegan 23rd Aug 10:47 PM, 2015
I did the same thing when I first came across it! Three back to back readings in one go. Beautiful series. Make sure you get the second edition of book two. It's about forty pages longer and includes the proper conclusion of the Snow White arc!
Cathy M. 11th Aug 2:54 PM, 2015
I have a question here. Is this witch talking to the beast telepathically ? I don't remember
Any reference that she was turned into a fountain? Was that woman
In the early part of B&B I remember a woman talking to him in the study, was that
His so called mother ? Confused , really .
MsMegan 11th Aug 4:20 PM, 2015
I'll say this much -- The Beast is probably getting more from this conversation than we as readers are. As to anything else, well...hopefully things become clear eventually~!
DawnStar 11th Aug 11:33 PM, 2015
2nd panel should be: "and leave ME to claw my way" not my :)
Thought I should mention is seeing as no one else seemed to spot it.

Also another page!!! :D So much rage Beast! Also MsMegan your hinting about him hearing more.... oh how I wish we could hear the other half of the conversation. I also find it interesting how I'd never realized it sounded like when you listen to someone talking on the phone, all his words seemed to flow coherently, but once someone hinted that there may be telepathy involved... well suddenly I realized I was probably missing more...
Hmmm..... As an author I'd find it so hard to not give away things, especially because there's nothing I love more than talking about my story ideas (my point is good job keeping up thoroughly in the dark ;) and I mean that in the best way). XD
Cathy M. 12th Aug 3:00 PM, 2015
I wish you would throw us a bone
Once in a while.
Megamega 12th Aug 3:44 PM, 2015
I guess you'll just have to stick around and enjoy the ride !
Cathy M. 12th Aug 3:23 PM, 2015
Since beast won't or can't move
Forward and break this curse ,
I believe Beauty needs to step up
And be the hero here and vanquish
The villian and set things right. Like too
See her as an ms Sherlock and fellow
Him to the clues .
Mad Hatter 12th Aug 4:35 PM, 2015
Jeez why can't Magic Fountain give him a break? Seriously the Fountain really likes to douche him around. Also I'm resisting the urge to join deviantart and make a Twelve Dancing Princesses comic cause of this page
MsMegan 12th Aug 9:06 PM, 2015
We can always use more fairy tale comics! I'd love to see what you do with it! Tapastic and comicfury are also a good comics hosting platforms.
Mad Hatter 13th Aug 11:31 PM, 2015
Adrek Norn 15th Aug 10:38 AM, 2015
Adrek Norn
I like your way of drawing
AbigailBrooks 24th Aug 7:16 PM, 2015
Oh yes, you tell her off, Beast! His entire speech is amazing - and heartbreaking - especially the part about making a puppet from the tatters of a man. God, what are her expectations and why did she rip his sanity from him before? What possible justification could she have had?

"I am not asking for my transgressions to be overlooked" - like what? What did you do that was so bad recently? Keep the rule from snacking on Beauty? I hardly think that is worthy of being called a transgression, though if you conflate defying the ruler in any way as being wrong somehow, I suppose I could see how your beaten down soul could construe it as that. He's right about one thing, though - Beauty is even less to blame in this situation.