Act Two, Chapter Five: 20

25th Aug 12:00 AM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Five
Act Two, Chapter Five: 20
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 25th Aug 12:00 AM, 2015
poor buddy


FireStorm55 25th Aug 12:02 AM, 2015
"Then don't mind me as I stare out the window."
metaceryn 25th Aug 12:42 AM, 2015
Soaked sulk spiked, sucker.
cattservant 25th Aug 6:16 AM, 2015
His tail is twitching...
Paula Richey 25th Aug 6:28 AM, 2015
I think she knows what you look like, Beast.

(Is this a modesty maneuver with the tail on the last panel? ;) )
JustLikeWonderful 25th Aug 8:32 AM, 2015
Is... Is it weird that I spent at least two minutes just admiring Beast's back muscles? I mean, damn...
metaceryn 25th Aug 2:19 PM, 2015
"Is it weird that I..." describes most of our feelings about Beast. And his back musculature. And his nose. And his forearms.

So to answer your question, not really.
MsMegan 27th Aug 8:39 PM, 2015
I like to think it's because I've succeeded in making you love him for his personality, not because you all have some weird Saint Bernard kink.
AbigailBrooks 25th Aug 11:08 AM, 2015
He can't even bring himself to ask her to leave - he gets close, but he can't quite say it. He's got this little, "Oh no, what's she going to say? Is she going to be upset with me?" look on his face in the fifth panel. She doesn't reach for him, though - she just clasps her hands behind her back and looks out the window oh so casually. I wonder if he's moving his tail like that for the sake of modesty or if it's a submissive gesture on his part, like cats or dogs hiding their tails between their legs when they're scared?
MsMegan 25th Aug 8:57 PM, 2015
Little bit of column A, little bit of column B...

and THANK YOU for the commenting spree! I was travelling and feeling a bit disconnected, and to suddenly have a wall of lovely notifications was such a pleasure. It had my mind whirring all through my flight and made me excited to get back to the story and destroy these poor babies write.

AbigailBrooks 25th Aug 9:58 PM, 2015
No problem, dear! Honestly, it was such a pleasure to go back and re-read and analyze everything - it really made my work day so much more enjoyable. Also lol, oh dear, you're going to torture them more?! Of course you are. (Tries to huggle them and wrap them up in blankets while you cackle in the background.)
niccillustrates 26th Aug 2:15 PM, 2015
I love this story to bits & each new page reminds of that ;u;

Love the character explorations!
bscruffy 27th Aug 12:32 AM, 2015
And their meeting ended in a silence full of feelings unspoken, a fabric of love.
marimari 27th Aug 9:26 PM, 2015
I love the detailing on Beauty's skirt in the third, fourth, and sixth panels, especially the rose motif from the castle windows embroidered onto the back. She looks very regal in this ensemble.
Adrek Norn 30th Aug 3:36 PM, 2015
Adrek Norn
sometimes just to BE with someone who cares about you is enough
Michael 24th Apr 8:36 PM, 2017
Sometimes it is good to be silent together for a while.