Act Two, Chapter Five: 24

8th Sep 12:00 AM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Five
Act Two, Chapter Five: 24
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 8th Sep 12:00 AM, 2015
Glum topics tonight.


txinaz 8th Sep 1:37 AM, 2015
do you really think she would be there with you if she was?! aahhhh!
cattservant 8th Sep 3:11 AM, 2015
No, she is not.
Sugarfiend 8th Sep 4:22 AM, 2015
Yeah, I knew it! He's clinically depressed! I've been brewing this theory for a while (the past week I read this comic)

here, I'll roll it all off. He's a noble, prince maybe, but noble. Father married the mother out of duty and never loved her. Sired an heir (Argus/Beast) and then went off with mistress/es. Thus why the mother HATES the son so much and yet professes 'she did everything for him (Argus)!' Also shown in her view of bastards being 'problems' maybe Argus has/had some unknown bastard siblings.

What happened the father I'm not sure of yet. As for HOW he became the beast, from what I've seen I'm guessing Argus's lady friend DID fall pregnant and Argus, living in fear of his mother took her advice only instead of giving his lover wild carrot gave her hemlock instead and kills her. Wracked with grieve and losing EVERYTHING he cares about, runs off into the wood (near the fountain) and stabs himself in the heart, only the magic there has 'other plans'
DawnStar 8th Sep 5:19 PM, 2015
Oooh! I like that first part. That way she would be his real mother, taking her frustrations of her awful marriage out on her son, who probably looks like his awful father.... Hm....

I doubt he was completely in the wrong for killing the person at the fountain though. I think he was with his masked girl/real love too much making the other girl jealous. This creepy jealous chick is who he killed in anger that she made him kill his dog. (I'm assuming she's an arranged marriage and probably somehow is the witch/fountain that's messing with him now)
Michael 24th Apr 9:01 PM, 2017
I like your second theory.
The first one could easily his mother being a (Mistress, doxy, paramour) Mätresse in german. Side woman. Who bears a bastard but has abitions to come to power using the bastard son. With some help of poison or whatever helps to climb up the ladder to the throne.
keiiii 8th Sep 4:29 AM, 2015
Just found this comic thanks to Sugarfiend. That question right there on this page, that takes a TON of courage to ask.

Now excuse me while I go through the archive... ❤︎
sunny 8th Sep 10:36 AM, 2015
The symbolism with the shadow in that last panel. Haven't commented before so I also want to say how much I love this comic!
The Doodler 8th Sep 10:49 AM, 2015
The Doodler
I love how the line on the floor divides them. Looks like a spike, too.
AbigailBrooks 8th Sep 11:33 AM, 2015
Ah, so here the Beast lays it out there: he is clinically depressed and has suicidal thoughts. Beauty might be shocked to hear this, but it's been implied that this was the case to the readers for a long time, since we're privy to more of what's going on in his head.

I can't imagine Beauty saying yes in response to his question, because really, most - if not all - of the feelings of disgust he might get from her are projected from his disgust with himself (maybe not earlier in the story, but definitely now). A hug and reassurance from her would do him some good, but he's spent years, possibly decades, telling himself that he is a monster. I'm not sure whatever she says would be enough at this juncture, but I do think helping him break out of this mindset - not curing it, but helping him see that things can be another way - is an essential part of breaking his curse, just as returning him to human form is.

I'm not even sure if Beauty will touch him here, because she might want to respect his boundaries. Considering he could read the not touching as a sign of disgust, though, she probably should try.

This is another page that could be hinting at where the story is going - that the Beast releasing Beauty to see her family (if this version holds true to the others), will constitute - in this case - a fatal breach in his contract. He knows what will happen to him as a result, but given his depression and suicidal thoughts, doesn't care about that - if his dying means that Beauty will be free, happy, and /alive/, then he'll do it. Maybe he'll even give his own life to lengthen hers. I couldn't guess the specifics at this point, though obviously, Beauty would end up returning to him and saving him in some way. Whether she will need to save him from the keeper of his contract, himself, or both is also not clear yet - though I'm leaning towards both, given what we've seen thus far.

Finally, Sugarfiend wrote an interesting theory. I'm not sure if I agree with it, but that is definitely a conclusion that can be drawn from the flashbacks we've seen so far. Also, a question for Megan - while many versions of Beauty and the Beast have the Beast turning back into the prince at the end, how does a prince who has been gone for decades, maybe even centuries, reclaim his kingdom? And what became of that kingdom in his absence? I feel like this is handwaved in most stories, since they concern the breaking the curse and not what happens afterwards, but what are your thoughts on this?
MsMegan 8th Sep 2:14 PM, 2015
Hah, so much is handwaved in most versions, and I can't fault anyone for it -- sometimes creating a mood takes precedent over explaining minutiae. Don't hate me if I wind up in that camp for some things!

In Villeneuve, at least, we do sort of have an explanation for the Kingdom surviving in the Prince's absence-- the Queen, his mother, is still alive, and we know she has left delegates to run the kingdom during her own absences.

Some versions allow that everything has fallen to ruin and the Beast has become a legend, an old mouldering thing in a haunted ruin (Panna a Netvor does this nicely, leaving us a Monster who isn't sure if he ever was a man)

I expect others sort of rely on the Sleeping Beauty method - things have been in limbo or suspended while the prince has been cursed. mcKinley's Beauty seems to have done this, while Rose Daughter is more of the faded-to-legend type...

I waffle on how much after-the-breaking content is reasonable. It's very tempting to think about how an accursed person might reintegrate into society, but I think that isn't the focus of this particular story... Tessa Gratton recenty wrote a beautiful little short about it HERE !
AbigailBrooks 12th Sep 12:20 PM, 2015
Oh don't worry, I won't hate you for not going into the after the happy ending - it's really not in the scope of your story here. I'm just surprised no one ever considered that good sequel fodder, especially with the current trends in YA fiction. It's interesting to hear about the different ways in which the Prince's absence was handled. I really need to look back at the original version of BATB sometime. As for the short story you linked us to, the link isn't actually working for me! I suppose I'll just have to dig into the BATB Tumblr you have to find it.
Carolyn 9th Sep 10:31 AM, 2015
Ohhh gosh this is getting angsty!!
Katlin 9th Sep 3:48 PM, 2015
Just found this comic today, and immediately read through the whole thing. It's beautiful, and the characters and pacing, two aspects that go a long way with me for liking comics, are fantastic! I'm amazed how much content you've been able to create with only two characters (the majority of the time) and dialogued-driven scenes. Incredible. :)

As for where this story is going, I like the theory of Argus accidently poisoning the woman he loves. Beast told Beauty right out to be careful because carrots and hemlock can be confused. Intriguing. 8)

I can't wait to read more!! Thanks for another great comic to add to my list! <3
nathyfaith 18th Feb 8:06 AM, 2016
I love how the shadow of the window forms a line separating them in the last panel. So interesting.