Act Two, Chapter Five: 25

11th Sep 12:00 AM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Five
Act Two, Chapter Five: 25
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 11th Sep 12:00 AM, 2015


cattservant 11th Sep 12:06 AM, 2015
metaceryn 11th Sep 5:50 AM, 2015
“You should have fallen in love with a happy man, if you wanted happiness. But no, you had to fall for the breathtaking beauty of pain.” - Lois Bujold, Barrayar

(Also same book, same character: “I think we may have coddled his self-doubts long enough. It may be time to kick his tail.”)
MsMegan 11th Sep 10:08 AM, 2015
As much as I am enjoying sorting The Beast out, I certainly wouldn't want to live with him. I nabbed me a sweetheart who is calm, nice, and level-headed. I am fully aware of who is who in my marriage and I'm no Beauty. XD
metaceryn 11th Sep 6:02 AM, 2015
So thank you for showing us what that kind of beauty looks like.
Paula Richey 11th Sep 11:49 AM, 2015
It's probably better that he leave it lost, then, because so far it seems that everything he's learned about relationships is incredibly unhealthy.

(As if this is going on in his head: "She's unhappy. Peace offering! Oops, didn't go well. Must be my fault, next step, offer myself as whipping boy. Huh, no whipping happening - at least not from Beauty. She must mean for me to whip myself then. Weird, that doesn't make her feel better at all. Oh, shoot, I know what's wrong. My petty, selfish feelings are belittling her sadness. Oh. She says that's not possible. Okay I am officially out of my depth. Probably because I'm not human enough..." No, Beast, you're applying abuse coping skills to a normal, non- psychopath person - of course you aren't getting the cycle you're used to. )
Michael 24th Apr 9:12 PM, 2017
Seems to me the good things as in Beautys familiy was nothing he ever experienced. Maybe heard of. So it is easy to overlook that this is also a possibility to live after all that brooding and bad memories.
rufiangel 11th Sep 11:51 PM, 2015
Your name. We should probably give you a name and stop calling you 'Beast'. That might help :'D
AbigailBrooks 12th Sep 12:35 PM, 2015
Beast, you're taking self-flagellation to new levels here. I love, LOVE, how Beauty refuses to be drawn into a trauma/misery pissing match - "One person's sorrow doesn't negate someone else's" - I wish our culture could be made to swallow that line. I'm so tired of this idea that you're not allowed to feel hurt because someone else has it objectively worse. That really isn't right.

As for what you've lost, be fair, Beauty's situation and yours are not nearly the same. Beauty's household wasn't abusive, so naturally she would feel more tender towards them then you would for the people in yours. I know that from experience, actually. You can love the person who abuses you, but the process of grieving over them is very different than with someone you had a healthy relationship with. Of course, then you start wondering if maybe something is wrong with you for that, but it's just...that's just sort of what happens. It's complicated and messy. So I'm not sure it's so much that you have forgotten that tenderness as you never experienced it in the first place. And that's not on you - that's on the person who abused you. I think it will take you a while longer to realize that, though.

Also, Paula's comment is spot on! Just thought I'd add that too!
Michael 24th Apr 9:15 PM, 2017
i had the same idea. Yes, and Paula is that much on the spot.
Mad Hatter 14th Sep 10:41 AM, 2015
I have a question for you. How do you ink? I just have regular pens and have no idea how to do it.
MsMegan 14th Sep 10:48 AM, 2015
BATB is digitally inked, using a cintiq 21 UX (secondhand 2008 model, what, am I made of money?!) and photoshop, but some of my short comics are traditionally inked!

When I do traditional inks, I predominantly use Zebra brush pens, because they have a sturdy nib, long lifespan and great line control (Sailor or Tachikawa are other good brands). Line weight is important to me, for getting a bold, rich feel to the line, but If you're fussy about details, a fineliner like sakura or staedtler is good for the tiny bits. My studiomates use actual brushes and dip pens, but I like to work on the go a lot, so portability is a big thing.

if it's valuable to anyone, I could totaly record an inking demo, but I'm hardly a master of it :/
Mad Hatter 16th Sep 2:35 PM, 2015
Thank you for all the info. I noticed my inking was awkward so I wanted to know what I was doing wrong. And what I should use to ink.
Hallan 13th Oct 5:02 PM, 2018
MsMegan, thank you for this page. I was rereading this comic as a way to distract myself from a double-edged anxiety: my closest friend in town lost his job and may have to move away, and I feel terrible for him, but I also feel terrible for me, too, because I don't want to feel alone again, and was feeling guilty for that 'selfishness'. This page's wisdom really helped me today. "One person's sorrow doesn't negate someone else's." Thank you. This comic remains my very favorite, and I intend to order a hard copy version upon its completion.
MsMegan 13th Oct 9:49 PM, 2018
I'm sorry things are tough for you right now, Hallan. It sounds like even though you have your own feelings of loss around the situation, you still have a lot of empathy for your friend, and I'm sure they know and appreciate that. I hope it all shakes out for the both of you! Be gentle with yourself.