Act Two, Chapter Five: 26

15th Sep 12:00 AM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Five
Act Two, Chapter Five: 26
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 15th Sep 12:00 AM, 2015
Oh for heaven's sake, just come here.


Dryft 15th Sep 12:18 AM, 2015
OMG yes love it!
Aroara Nightshade 15th Sep 12:28 AM, 2015
YES!! *Happy jig* comfort pets the grumpy kitty! I love it!
Heads-up 15th Sep 12:37 AM, 2015
I think the first panel feels a bit odd? Three pages before, the shadows on the floor they cast flowed behind them. Since we could clearly see they were staring out the window. The first panel on this page feels like we are getting their backs once more with the simplicity and feel that there are raindrops in that panel? But Beauty and Beast seemed to have switched spots from each other in that one panel? Unless now it is much brighter inside than outside? Or perhaps I am reading it incorrectly and it's just a simplified interior?
Kukki 15th Sep 3:41 AM, 2015
I think you're right. This looks like it's supposed to be their backs as they face the window, in which case Beauty and Beast are backwards. Everybody makes mistakes sometimes. :)
MsMegan 15th Sep 8:35 AM, 2015
No, I think I must have mirrored the panel at some point and forgotten to switch it back! Thanks for pointing it out, fixed now!
DawnStar 15th Sep 4:28 PM, 2015
Um... you're questioning if we're seeing their backs in the 1st panel yes? Yep, we're seeing their backs. :)

Also Ms.Megan!!! Daww!!! You have NO IDEA how great you just made my day!!!!!! *squee*
Magic64 15th Sep 1:49 AM, 2015
Awwwwww..... :D
But now I have to wait for an update. I don't think i can handle it!!
Dream-Piper 15th Sep 2:08 AM, 2015
Beauty has finally had enough of your crap, Beast!
cattservant 15th Sep 2:08 AM, 2015
Beast handles!
metaceryn 15th Sep 2:51 AM, 2015
"Sometimes you have to grab the lion by the horns"- a phrase that has never made sense until today.

Laura 15th Sep 5:43 AM, 2015
Oh my God, you GO Belle!!
Hallan 15th Sep 7:49 AM, 2015
"Okay, that's enough. This self-attack party has officially been cancelled. Get over here."


I laughed so hard. :) Also, the pose and expression in the last panel are priceless.
Zuza 15th Sep 11:13 AM, 2015
GOOD. Time for pets!
Kawaii overload 15th Sep 11:39 AM, 2015
Yes! Beast is officaly a lap dog-er cat. Will we be hearing some purring next chapter?
The Doodler 15th Sep 12:29 PM, 2015
The Doodler
You know what I love about this? That's not something a frightened or cowed or Stockholm-y or even cautious person would do. She's totally cool around him. (Doesn't hurt that I bet that'll be useful in confronting a later mutual enemy...?)
And the Beast isn't freaked either. He's just all "Huh whu' happen?"
In summary: yes good.
Guest 15th Sep 3:30 PM, 2015
XD I absolutely love that last panel he looks so shocked she pulled him by the horn!!!! She needs eds to pet him and sing soft kitty now!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hollowink 15th Sep 3:37 PM, 2015
Soft kitty warm kitty little ball of fur! Happy kitty sleepy kitty pur pur pur!!!!!
sunny 15th Sep 4:27 PM, 2015
For a second I thought she was going to forcibly shake the depression from him, and I was very happy. But forcibly cuddling the depression from him is a good option too ;)
No One 15th Sep 9:38 PM, 2015
Now, rub his belly! I wonder if he'd do the leg thing?
KS_Claw 16th Sep 3:09 AM, 2015
Emergency cuddles activate!
rufiangel 16th Sep 5:57 AM, 2015

I love that she just boldly grabbed him right by the horns XD
Siva 16th Sep 3:22 PM, 2015
I've heard of grabbing the bull by the horns - but this is the first time I've seen anyone grab the bull**** by the horn!
MissElcia 16th Sep 11:16 PM, 2015
No that can't be the last page so far!!
Beat has no idea how to handle this sudden turn of events and I love it!
Guest 16th Sep 11:18 PM, 2015
*Pokes screen incessantly*
Rebeka 16th Sep 11:35 PM, 2015
*sigh* Beau-ti-ful...
LauraM 17th Sep 1:25 AM, 2015
I love how his paws go into "scruffed cat" stance... his body is immediately accepting the authority and nurture in the gesture, even if his head hasn't caught up.

(Also, hi! I'm a new reader as of about a month ago, but I've been quietly lurking. I love what you've been doing with the story, using so much of the original folk tale, but fleshing out characters and motives beautifully... giving it so much more life. And now to eagerly await the next page...)
AbigailBrooks 17th Sep 3:59 PM, 2015
"Okay, enough of this pity party, it's time to cuddle!" Really, nothing Beauty could have said would have broken him out of the loop of despair he was trapped in (not that he was giving her much of a chance to say anything). Her taking the initiative to just grab him and pull him closer definitely surprised him, though - but not in a bad way, given the hint of a blush on his cheeks. I suspect we'll be seeing her stroking his hair/mane soothingly on the next page. It's not quite a hug, but it's undoubtedly gentle and comforting.
Sara 17th Sep 6:37 PM, 2015
Rub the cheeks and go 'kitty kitty kitty' hehehe
nathyfaith 18th Feb 8:09 AM, 2016
awww, that's so cute!!
Hallan 13th Oct 5:03 PM, 2018
Three years later, still laughing about that last panel. :)