Act Two, Chapter Five: 27

18th Sep 12:00 AM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Five
Act Two, Chapter Five: 27
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 18th Sep 12:00 AM, 2015
Jumpy, isn't he?
MsMegan 18th Sep 11:41 PM, 2015
Forgot to mention!

I'm at SPX this weekend, in good old North Bethesda, Maryland! Come and see me at booth G13, where I'll have copies of volume one of BATB, hard and soft-cover editions of Valor, and some new postcards!


Kawaii overload!!! 18th Sep 12:10 AM, 2015
Petting the beast, Beauty? That's actually really cute. If the next shows her giving him something like maybe a peck on the cheek or at least a purr/friendly growl from Beast, I think I'll die from happiness. These two are just too cute when together! X3
shibazoid! 18th Sep 12:10 AM, 2015
metaceryn 18th Sep 1:59 AM, 2015
I don't think I've seen such an eloquent flinch before.
cattservant 18th Sep 4:39 AM, 2015
New territory...
Cora 18th Sep 4:44 AM, 2015
Poor man isn't used to a kindly and affectionate touch. Mine used to flinch like that when I'd touch him similarly. I've always liked to gently touch faces, apparently. It annoyed my family. I grew out of doing that to just anyone, though, and now I find it is a profoundly intimate act. Beauty is such a loving person. I adore her, and Beast too, and I can't wait to see how these two grow.
rufiangel 18th Sep 6:16 AM, 2015
*melts* <33333
Hallan 18th Sep 7:42 AM, 2015
I agree with Metaceryn. That is a flinch that tells a million painful stories. Wow.

If I wore hats, MsMegan, mine would be off to you.
Paula Richey 18th Sep 7:47 AM, 2015
So expressive! His tense shoulders in the first panel, how gently her fingertips brush his face - really lovely work. :) I think he's starting to relax a bit by the last panel and rest on her lap a bit. Still, his face! He didn't see this coming, ever XD

(This scene reminds me of my poor shy cat Ginger, who would not dream of imposing upon my personal space but if I coaxed her to my lap, she'd reach with her little paw and pat my hand while I petted her. And purr awkwardly - she couldn't just keep it rolling like other cats, she stopped and started like her little engine choked. Poor baby had a hard life before we got her.)
KatieKat 18th Sep 9:15 AM, 2015
I binge-read the whole archive this week while staying home from wisdom tooth surgery. I'll definitely be staying on with this. Thank you, Megan.
MsMegan 18th Sep 9:48 AM, 2015
Ooh, I'm sorry about your teeth, but happy you're sticking with us!
No One 18th Sep 2:32 PM, 2015
LOVE!!!!! *_*
Stitchlingbelle 19th Sep 3:26 AM, 2015
God, I love your Beauty. She's a GROWNUP. She's not perfect, but she's got wisdom and courage and I just adore her.

Seriously, I am going to shove this at the next person who tries to write emotional immaturity as romance.
sunny 19th Sep 6:35 PM, 2015
Adorable! I like all the little touches you added in these panels: the blushes, the flinch, etc. It just all flowed really well.
JustLikeWonderful 21st Sep 8:40 AM, 2015
Well, I don't think this helps his internal debate over being a her suitor or her dog, but I'm certainly not complaining.

I also can't help but picture him internally freaking out and concentrating REALLY HARD on NOT PURRING because that'd be so embarrassing, OH GOD.
Paula Richey 21st Sep 12:23 PM, 2015
:D I just hope he realizes that dignity isn't worth fighting for at the moment.
AbigailBrooks 25th Sep 8:04 PM, 2015
Oh, that flinches hurts to look at - I'm sure the Beast isn't used to a gentle touch. Heck, he probably isn't used to touch in general, after spending who knows how many years in this form. Beauty's maturity is wonderful, though. She can see that he's torturing himself over this and that him continuing to do that isn't helping anyone or anything - but forgiving himself might. As much as she struggles with him being her jailor, I don't think she can hate him or wants to see him in pain - especially when he is obviously so repentant.
The Huntswoman 6th Oct 10:26 AM, 2015
This poor puppy has been kicked so many times he only expects a hit, not a loving pat.