Act one, Chapter Two: 06

9th Oct 12:00 PM, 2012 in Act One: Chapter Two
Act one, Chapter Two: 06
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 9th Oct 12:00 PM, 2012
When I asked for feedback here, and on tumblr ( ) the responses were either "update more often!" or "update with more pages at once!". I think consistency is key, so starting today BATB will have a Tuesday-Friday update schedule!

Also, comments are my fuel and make me feel less sad and alone. Just sayin' ;p


cattservant 9th Oct 1:06 PM, 2012
Your pages are so elegant!

RE: "...sad and alone."; You may not feel it, but you are closely entwined with the Universe.
GerunKnarlson 9th Oct 3:25 PM, 2012
Your inking is just gorgeous. I love how you do your silhouettes, especially. Although there aren't any silhouettes on this page. BUT STILL. Really great.
MsMegan 9th Oct 4:33 PM, 2012
Why, thank you! Actually, on the topic of silhouettesI have a related bonus piece in the works!
lskjdf 9th Oct 4:01 PM, 2012
ooohh this one gave me shivers, the sheer immensity of the castle is being well illustrated
zippi_bird 9th Oct 4:44 PM, 2012
Lovely. Subbed!
Rosengeist 9th Oct 10:36 PM, 2012
Wow, I am so glad you took the time to really establish this castle. The environments clearly took you a long time, and your hard work is clearly evident I'm so glad that this is turning into a bi-weekly post! Wheeee!
MsMegan 10th Oct 10:27 AM, 2012
Theres going to be a lot of "establishing the castle" over the next few weeks
Christian H 9th Oct 11:09 PM, 2012
I want to know what the banner says.
MsMegan 10th Oct 10:26 AM, 2012
I think we get a better look at it on Friday, but it reads
"Pacta Sunt Servanda"
HollowFerns 18th Aug 2:57 AM, 2013
Let's see. My armchair Latin says that means "Agreements must be honored". Is that correct? If so, it fits what we know of the Beast very well.
MsMegan 18th Aug 11:03 AM, 2013
Well done! You are correct, sir.
HollowFerns 20th Aug 3:23 AM, 2013
Yay! I'm really liking this comic; the fleshing-out of the characters is very intriguing.
queenspuppet 11th Oct 10:28 AM, 2012
This is beautiful!! I love the fast pace and the art work in this chapter is especially exquisite.
Verity 14th Oct 1:06 PM, 2012
I'm really enjoying this comic so far, the inking especially is gorgeous. BatB is one of my favourite stories so I'm really glad to see a comic version :)
RosesnWater 11th Feb 2:59 AM, 2013
Beautiful mansion, it's so intelligent, the way you designed it, I especially like the coat of arms, and the light coming through the windows
MsMegan 11th Feb 11:36 AM, 2013
Admittedly, a lot of it comes wholecloth from the Loire valley and versailles!
AbigailBrooks 28th Jul 4:17 PM, 2013
Ohhh, now we have a family crest and words, but we can't make of the details. The floor looks like it has the rose design as well. And the castle from the inside looks huge, empty, and foreboding. Oh, and look at those stairs. I wonder if we'll even get a Disney-esque scene of them each coming down those stairs and dancing. I sort of doubt it, but that little detail tickled me.
MsMegan 28th Jul 10:14 PM, 2013
I'll be doing something with those stairs before the end of act one, but it's probably not what you'd call Disney-esque. ;p
AbigailBrooks 31st Jul 4:33 PM, 2013
...You're not going to be throwing someone down those stairs, are you? XD (Thinks of the 300K picture with some dread.)
sheshallnotbenameless 22nd Aug 7:29 PM, 2013
You're never alone, Ms. Megan!

It may be strange, but when I see this page I think of one of those cartoons where a character falls and falls even though they long ago should have reached the bottom. Perhaps it's the sense of eternity in the castle, like it never really ends. I really want to make a comment about the TARDIS, like "The castle's bigger on the inside!" but the outside was pretty doggone big too, so...nevermind.
MC 2nd Jan 12:36 PM, 2015
I'm really happy to have stumbled on your story! BATB is one of my favourites, and I love finding re-interpretations!

I'm not one to comment often on the dozens of webcomics I read, but if it makes the author feel less alone - comment it is! I'm really enjoying your art and pacing so far, and I look forward to see where you'll take us! :)
MsMegan 2nd Jan 1:24 PM, 2015
Hahaha! I will take what I can get, MC! Thank you!
Karen 9th Nov 12:18 AM, 2015
All I see in the last panel is The Silence from Doctor Who. Especially with Silence written in front of it. :-D haha, awesome.

Just came across Beauty and the Beast and really enjoying it so far. :-) I love coming in late to the game so there's no waiting for updates!