Act Two, Chapter Five: 29

25th Sep 12:00 AM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Five
Act Two, Chapter Five: 29
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 25th Sep 12:00 AM, 2015
A fair point, Sir.


Kukki 25th Sep 12:32 AM, 2015
I don't know... Sometimes when we're watching a movie, my husband lays his head in my lap like that, and I stroke his hair like she does here. And he's definitely not an animal. :)
cattservant 25th Sep 2:25 AM, 2015
worth the price...
Cora 25th Sep 4:16 AM, 2015
I stroke my husband's chest, neck, and hair in a way I suppose might be similar to the way one shows affection to a dog. We love each other's bodies and we snuggle quite thoroughly and intimately. Beast, give the girl a break!
Kawaii overload!!! 25th Sep 5:39 AM, 2015
People can get petted too, Beast. If you had fluffy hair as a human, I'd certainly feel compelled to pet that. I like petting fluffy stuff. Cause it's soooooo fluffy!!!!!! *quote from Despicable Me :)*
Guest 25th Sep 2:28 PM, 2015
Kawaii overload!!! 25th Sep 6:54 PM, 2015
I agree. Why don't they just make out already? I mean, people already write fanfictions about making out with furries and Sonic characters. I think a peck on the cheek won't hurt.
Guest 25th Sep 2:46 PM, 2015
Yes good, talking to each other and being respectful.
Auburn 25th Sep 3:03 PM, 2015
The romantic tension is killing me.
Paula Richey 25th Sep 3:09 PM, 2015
She didn't mean it like that... On the other hand he was lying in the floor wearing only fur, so really unless he'd like to get up, put some clothes on, and find a sofa, ear scritchies it is.

Now she has to figure out the least awkward way to ask about his preferences.
metaceryn 25th Sep 3:27 PM, 2015
Now that's catlike.

Gysae 26th Sep 5:32 PM, 2015
Haha this is great
sunny 25th Sep 4:24 PM, 2015
I'm loving the low blush that both of them have had these past few pages, and how they're talking through things. One of my pet peeves is conflict through people not talking.
AbigailBrooks 27th Sep 11:29 AM, 2015
The only thing I could think when I first read this page was, "What, do you want her to touch you like she would a man?" That might be a little too forward, too fast, though, considering the slow pace between you two, Beast. Other readers also pointed out that this sort of petting isn't unknown among humans - but considering the lack of affection in his past, which him only being familiar with how a dog would be treated, I can see why he doesn't realize that. At least he isn't rejecting her touch now, though - it's probably very soothing to his heart, I'd imagine.
Michael 24th Apr 9:40 PM, 2017
He had this affair where his mother was talking about abortion or poisoning after. Not sure how deep and Lasting that relation was. Probably not that much.