Act Two, Chapter Six: 01

12th Oct 12:15 AM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Six
Act Two, Chapter Six: 01
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 12th Oct 12:15 AM, 2015
Sorry guys, fell asleep on the couch after thanksgiving dinner! @~@


Jessie Blue 12th Oct 2:16 AM, 2015
Jessie Blue
Well... all three are various levels of poisonous. Spanish Jasmine is sensuality, but Oleander means "beware" and Enchanter's Nightshade is "distrust"... so don't trust love? Or don't fall into desire perhaps?
Guest 13th Oct 12:15 PM, 2015
How do you know this stuff where can I find that sort of knowledge
The Doodler 12th Oct 4:18 PM, 2015
The Doodler
"Enchanter's nightshade"? Not sinister at aaaalll.
Paula Richey 12th Oct 4:41 PM, 2015
While we are admiring meaningful bouquets and puzzling out the symbolism of each part of the whole, has anyone considered doing the same regarding the Beast's design?

Leonine, as royalty, doglike, as a servant, and considering today's flowers, this next chapter I'm wondering if we might see a bit of the significance of the horns?
Jessie Blue 12th Oct 8:27 PM, 2015
Jessie Blue
well they look like Ram's horns, so stubborness? The ability to eat anything?
Paula Richey 12th Oct 8:58 PM, 2015
I was thinking more along the lines of infidelity, actually - I don't recall exactly how the phrase went, though.
DS 12th Oct 11:46 PM, 2015
Cuckold = husband of an adulterous woman. "Wearing the horns of a cuckold." Has to do with stags and their mating behaviors according to Wikipedia. Wonder if Argus was ever married? Not that I could see his mother accepting anyone as her daughter-in-law.
KatieKat 13th Oct 6:41 AM, 2015
Well, he *was* involved with someone - and his mother basically said "Don't be an idiot and get her pregnant."
AbigailBrooks 13th Oct 10:09 PM, 2015
Sensuality, beware, and witchcraft/sorcery/skepticism...well this looks like it'll be a cheery chapter, eh? There are a few possibilities we could have here. We might be exploring more of the Beast's relationship with the lover we've seen in other flashbacks, who...well, it doesn't seem like she's actually in love with him in those. So a conflict could arise from that, especially if she gets pregnant, which has been hinted at in the mentions of the abortive uses of wild carrot. The current theory I have if that's the case: the Beast's stepmother gives the lady (or gives the Beast, who then gives to his lady) either wild carrot or the deadlier plant it can be confused with, which then either seriously injures or kills the lady. The Beast then confronts his stepmother at the fountain, which leads to him killing her, which leads to the curse.

Another possibility is that this chapter could continue to explore the relationship between the Beast and his stepmother. I think this is less likely, given how much time we spent exploring it in the last chapter, but it could happen. Depending on if his stepmother tried to, uh...seduce him like in the Villenueve...we could be dealing with some very disturbing content, if so.

The final possibility I'm going to guess is that Beauty and the Beast might start edging their way into more sensual interactions and struggling with coming to terms with that. I think that's probably the least likely option, given Beauty's inexperience and the Beast's possibly very traumatizing experiences with it, but we'll see what happens.
Paula Richey 13th Oct 10:53 PM, 2015
Yeah, I don't think they're going to get intimate after this, most likely the opposite. He's been clinging rather desperately to his dignity up until recently, so I don't think he'll let it go very easily. I think he might recall how badly his first relationship ended (personally I'm wondering if she was using him to cheat on someone?) and assume that's how women are and it's best to back way, way off after a night of vulnerability.
AbigailBrooks 14th Oct 2:51 PM, 2015
Yeah, I don't think Beauty and the Beast getting more intimate is very likely either. Seems a better bet that this will explore his relationship with the lady instead. I suppose that lady could be having an affair with him, though. It seems like it was a messy romance, whatever happened.
Paula Richey 17th Oct 12:32 PM, 2015
You know what? I take it back. I totally expected a dream sequence or a memory next, or possibly twenty pages of floral studies interspersed with allusions to Greco-Roman mythology, because Ms. Megan knows what the kids want these days.
But no! XD
This is so much fun. Honestly this has been a satisfyingly surprising read :)'
MsMegan 18th Oct 3:13 PM, 2015
*blushes intensely*
Ladywoodelf 12th Nov 7:35 PM, 2015
I am absolutely loving this series. It is well imagined and a lovely retelling. I've been following along since last Christmas and it's become a weekly update for me. Just wanted to let you know you're bringing happiness with your art. So thank you:)
MsMegan 13th Nov 11:32 AM, 2015
Thank you, Lady Woodelf. Honestly, there's nothing more I can ask for than that!