Act Two, Chapter Six: 02

16th Oct 12:00 AM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Six
Act Two, Chapter Six: 02
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 16th Oct 12:00 AM, 2015
You know what's fun? In Villeneuve this would have broken the curse.


Dream-Piper 16th Oct 12:10 AM, 2015
LOL One wish granted per day, Beauty!
Beast wont know what to do at this point and will be a puddle of confuzzled mush by the end of the week! XD
Paula Richey 16th Oct 12:25 AM, 2015
I bet someone has a crick in her neck...
Leandra 16th Oct 12:27 AM, 2015
Har dee har har.

Poor dears are going to be very flustered.
metaceryn 16th Oct 1:10 AM, 2015
I'll let George handle this one for me.

metaceryn 16th Oct 1:11 AM, 2015

You what, never mind. Beast'll just have to have his Spring Break flashbacks without the animated peanut gallery.
cattservant 16th Oct 4:50 AM, 2015
Comes the dawn...
Hallan 16th Oct 7:24 AM, 2015
Well, well, Beast. Waking up naked next to a pretty girl. :D

(I couldn't resist.)

PS- I love his mane like this, too.
Paula Richey 16th Oct 9:37 AM, 2015
Beast: "You said you'd stay awhile! I didn't expect you to stay all night?"
Beauty: "..."
Beast: "I don't know what to say... This was terribly sweet of you."
Beauty: "um..."
Beast: "???"
Beauty: "You were lying on my dress and I couldn't move."
Skatie 16th Oct 9:52 AM, 2015
Lol, now that's a cliffhanger of a interesting color. ALL THE AWKWARD.
DS 16th Oct 10:34 AM, 2015
He's so cute with his hair like that. I kinda hope he keeps it that way. And yeah, it does look like he had been laying on her skirt. He's probably going to be all mortified. Wonder how Beauty will react? Will she be ok with the fact he probably shed fur all over her dress?
The Young Entity 7th May 4:45 PM, 2018
yes :-D
The Doodler 16th Oct 11:43 AM, 2015
The Doodler
Get a haircut, Beast, ya dope-smokin' hippie.

Ahem. Beautiful page.
Guest 16th Oct 9:23 PM, 2015
"In Villeneuve this would have broken the curse." T.T I don't want the story to be over, but poor Beast. If this was a different tale you'd be back to your normal self. Makes me wonder what will cure our Beast?
DawnStar 16th Oct 9:29 PM, 2015
Btw Meg I just wanted to say how much I LOVE THIS PAGE! XD Beast's reaction and Beauty waking up slowly... just dawwww. I hope this chapter isn't too hard on these two. :)
Kawaii overload!!! 17th Oct 11:37 AM, 2015
Keep your hair like that Beast! You look much better this way! ;)
The Young Entity 7th May 4:47 PM, 2018

*'squee's' over his awesome hair continue with no sign of stopping...*
AbigailBrooks 18th Oct 6:45 PM, 2015
Pretty sure this is the first time he's woken up next to someone in a loooooooong time. It's quite natural that he'd be startled. One thing about the third panel though is that, if he's reacting to opening his eyes and seeing Beauty, then the angle is wrong. If he's just reacting to feeling her next to him, though, then there's no problem. What a way to wake up, though - especially for Beauty. The fluffy pillow she was holding on to just moved!
Paula Richey 19th Oct 8:22 AM, 2015
Waitin' on tomorrow...

Hey, are those crows and are they meant to be symbolic? Interesting stuff on bird symbolism, although good luck trying to make a bouquet out of them...
The Huntswoman 19th Oct 1:47 PM, 2015
She probably slept well. Beast would be like a space heater. And Hus mane us so cute!
Morve 25th Oct 12:04 PM, 2015
Maybe I am reading to much into this but his mane is looking more like a human hairstyle this page than any other time before. Interesting.