Act Two, Chapter six: 05

27th Oct 12:00 AM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Six
Act Two, Chapter six: 05
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 27th Oct 12:00 AM, 2015


a Drop of Beauty 27th Oct 1:01 AM, 2015
a Drop of Beauty
No you can't... DANG IT ALL!!!!
metaceryn 27th Oct 2:00 AM, 2015
Oh dear, the "apologizing for apologizing" program loop was triggered. At least he didn't need another hard reset.

And it's not like we can choose to have feels or not have feels for this comic!
KatieKat 27th Oct 6:51 AM, 2015
:D I do believe our dear Argus has had a revelation!
cattservant 27th Oct 9:02 AM, 2015
One thinks he has been trying.
The Doodler 27th Oct 12:12 PM, 2015
The Doodler
Mutual respect and good-nature is hot.
metaceryn 27th Oct 12:14 PM, 2015
Maybe I'm being pedantic, but is the emphasis on "you can't, can you?" or "you can't, can you?"
MsMegan 27th Oct 2:06 PM, 2015
I'd say it favours the former! Revelation, not accusation (Well, maybe not so much a revelation but I can't resist a nicely turned phrase).
Stitchlingbelle 27th Oct 12:59 PM, 2015
Ah, emotional maturity! God I love this comic.
AJ 27th Oct 10:25 PM, 2015
MsMegan, I just want to say that in the last two panels are, in my opinion, the best expressions I've seen of the Beast. He looks so human whenever he has revelations.
Also, may I ask how old Beauty is? Thank you and keep up the marvelous work!
MsMegan 28th Oct 11:55 AM, 2015
Thanks Aj! I never really hammered out precise ages for the characters, but I think Beauty is probably somewhere in her late teens or early twenties.
AbigailBrooks 27th Dec 5:27 PM, 2015
I'm glad that Beauty asks if hugging the Beast like she did was okay - some people can be very sensitive about touching, so it's good she acknowledges that here and asks if it was alright. But yeah, her expressing her desire to comfort him when words weren't working, and him saying that he regrets how difficult he can be while in a depressive episode, and her saying that she knows he can't just turn his feelings off - it's all very emotionally mature and self-aware of them, so I'm grateful to see them having this conversation.
amblonyx 21st Feb 1:08 AM, 2017
I empathize so hard with the Beast right here. Actually in tears. I've been there and I've apologized awkwardly for the same thing, and then apologized for apologizing.

So, uh... thank you for this. It's validating and reassuring.
Michael 24th Apr 10:22 PM, 2017
Soziopaths can Switch emotions on and off. he should ask his mom if she is still somewhere.