Act one, Chapter Two: 07

12th Oct 12:00 PM, 2012 in Act One: Chapter Two
Act one, Chapter Two: 07
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 12th Oct 12:00 PM, 2012
In case you haven't heard, we're (I always say "we" when what I mean is "I"...) now doing a twice-weekly update, Tuesdays and Fridays. If you missed the Tuesday update, click back!


cattservant 12th Oct 12:08 PM, 2012
Onward and inward!
Such clarity of detail...
Alice Quinn 12th Oct 5:17 PM, 2012
You have a gift for setting the atmosphere with these pages void of speech bubbles. I could describe the tone of this page easily - which I can't say for many pages in any comic
lsdjfalwejr 12th Oct 9:06 PM, 2012
I like the addition of the latin saying. I love little things like that.
cattservant 14th Oct 8:42 PM, 2012
I think it might be an important plot point.
LazyRanger 6th Dec 12:37 AM, 2012
I always say "we" for my comic as well.

I think it's a natural habit for webcomic artists. :P

I have no clue why, but most people do it.
Kim M 19th Dec 6:46 PM, 2012
I'm so glad I'm reading through this again. I'm sure I'm still missing details, but I know the first time I read through this, I was so focused on What Happens Next that I missed many of the more subtle touches. And they're such *lovely* subtle touches. "Pacta sunt servanda," indeed. :)
kalani 18th Jun 10:01 AM, 2013
Pacta sunt servanda what does that mean
AbigailBrooks 28th Jul 4:21 PM, 2013
Alright, so now we get a better look at that crest and the words. I think I see a boar, a lion, a swan(!), and a stag. "Pacts Sunt Servanda" means "agreements are observed," it seems. So basically, if you make a promise here, you better keep it. And the door slams shut behind her. Oh yeah, Beauty, you are so roped into this now.
sheshallnotbenameless 22nd Aug 7:30 PM, 2013
And -there's- the trepidation she's managed to escape until now.
Dani 30th Aug 5:25 PM, 2015
The seal above the door is Latin for "Agreements Must Be Kept". Love how that was incorporated!