Act Two, Chapter Six: 07

2nd Nov 11:00 PM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Six
Act Two, Chapter Six: 07
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 2nd Nov 11:00 PM, 2015


The Huntswoman 2nd Nov 11:11 PM, 2015
Fluffy fluffy beast paws!
Wolfpaws622 3rd Nov 2:42 AM, 2015
Such cute akwardness!
Paula Richey 2nd Nov 11:37 PM, 2015
Aha! I thought I was wrong! (Um, I'm otherrealmstudio on tumblr with the plausible next-page scenario... you're being rather nicer than I was)

I take it this is code for "I need to get dressed and somehow that's more awkward than being naked?"
metaceryn 3rd Nov 2:54 AM, 2015
From an anatomical perspective, it is fascinating to watch him shift his weight from sitting quadruped to standing biped. This scene just begs for an animated medium.

And as a complete tangent, I really want to watch how Mr. Meatyfingers manages buttons, toggles, and the other fine manipulations of human clothing. Assuming he doesn't stand still and let the invisible valet or Beauty do it all for him.
Guest 3rd Nov 10:16 AM, 2015
They materialize and dematerialize at will, I think.
metaceryn 3rd Nov 12:39 PM, 2015
...well that's no fun. I was hoping for the traditional "girl helps guy with neckwear" scene, with Beauty diving elbows-and-ears deep into His Princely Mane to make the cravat work.
Michael 24th Apr 10:28 PM, 2017
nope. not going to happen --- yet.
KatieKat 3rd Nov 8:51 AM, 2015
Beast is growing so much with this conversation :)
LB 3rd Nov 11:06 AM, 2015
She's, what, maybe 14 years old (if that)? It had better darn we'Ll be just "friendliness" beast! Lol
Paula Richey 3rd Nov 11:19 AM, 2015
No, she's about nineteen - it's established early on that she's not a *lot* younger than her sisters, who are definitely adults. She looks tiny because he's huge.
DS 3rd Nov 4:58 PM, 2015
Paula is correct. If you look at Act 1, Chapter 4, pages 12-14, she grows up, complete with zits during the teenage years.
cattservant 3rd Nov 2:00 PM, 2015
She won't let go now!
Lareinelauren 3rd Nov 2:17 PM, 2015
There it is! The gentle hand holding!!! Ahh!!
Kiraly 4th Nov 12:18 AM, 2015
"Friendliness" So that's what the kids are calling it these days.
The Doodler 4th Nov 6:40 PM, 2015
The Doodler
I love how solid and 3D panel 5 looks.
Wolfspaw0602 8th Nov 12:03 AM, 2015
Does beast use his clothes as a type of shield
Against.... Something? he probably has said so
In previous updates, but I have a HORRIBLE memory
For that kind of thing. Thanks!

Oooops it wasn't short srry
Michael 24th Apr 10:30 PM, 2017
It is his armor against nakedness...
and sign of being no animal.
AbigailBrooks 27th Dec 5:39 PM, 2015
I think everyone can probably understand what the Beast is feeling here, minus being involved in shady magical dealings. We all want to look good in the eyes of the people we care about. But Beauty's also right - you can't get close to someone if you hold them at arm's length. In any case, the hand-holding is very sweet, and I definitely like the Beast's expression in panel one. I would have never guessed from the character model that he could emote as much as he does, but he manages it!