Act Two, Chapter Six: 08

5th Nov 11:00 PM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Six
Act Two, Chapter Six: 08
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 5th Nov 11:00 PM, 2015
Ok, I actually do have a massive soft spot for dance sequences (probably because no one has ever taken me dancing in my life) but it seems like every Beauty and the Beast adaptation post-Disney has felt obliged to have one -- I mean, look -- Pathe's La Belle et La Bete, Golden Film's Beauty and the Beast, Alex Flinn's Beastly, dozens of plays and picture books, and that friggin' Disney AU fic of a show, Once Upon a Time. If it weren't a cliche I probably would have tried to shoehorn one in, but the poor Beast, he's already got enough sore spots. Let's let him off the hook this once.


The Doodler 5th Nov 11:12 PM, 2015
The Doodler
I love how much of an effort he makes to act human, even when it's hard for him. (I think skipping the obligatory dance scene, at least here, was a good call. Dude needs a break.)
metaceryn 6th Nov 12:11 AM, 2015
No dance scene for you, Beauty, though I bet you could join him for his early morning run (or for an early morning ride if you ask nicely).

But what else of interest would be in the ballroom? Actually, he didn't affirm that they were going there at all...

(And Beast's wardrobe continues to lighten up, I'd say pretty much to where protoBeast's was. I'm still holding out for that beachcomber outfit by The End...)
Kukki 6th Nov 3:02 AM, 2015
I love that ever since they woke up from their nap he has his tail curled around her.
The Huntswoman 6th Nov 10:16 PM, 2015
I suppose it is the dog aspect of the menagerie that is Beast. His tail has gotten away from him and is doing what he will not give his other limbs permission to.
manga 6th Nov 8:30 AM, 2015
I think this is cute and clever - you call back to the big dance scene but then - heh - skirt around it.
cattservant 6th Nov 9:32 AM, 2015
A dance of implications...
Allison 6th Nov 10:55 AM, 2015
I don't mind there being no dance sequence in this version. Prior to Disney, most retellings didn't have one (the 1987 film version starring Rebecca de Mornay and John Savage is the rare exception, and even then the main characters don't dance together--they have a musical sequence where each imagines they're dancing with the other.), and now it's just kind of expected. Disney in part had the ballroom scene to show off what they could do with early CGI, having hand drawn characters exist in a digitally created environment. Unfortunately now it's overdone and it's occasionally refreshing to see retellings without one just for a change of pace.
Mad Hatter 6th Nov 11:24 AM, 2015
I don't mind no dance scene. Besides at the back of my mind I've wondered how Beast could dance in the movies with those legs of his. Your reasoning gives a good reason not to dance.
Kawaii overload!!! 6th Nov 4:33 PM, 2015
Flabbergasted at Beast's instant clothes here!
Any one else?!
Ms. Megan, where did he change into a set of clothes? And I do hope it wasn't in front of Beauty…
JustaSquirrel 6th Nov 6:26 PM, 2015
But... he was naked in the first place....
Kawaii overload!!! 6th Nov 8:24 PM, 2015
But still…how'd those clothes appear anyway?
Ms Megan…do you have an answer?
MsMegan 7th Nov 12:22 PM, 2015
Hi! yes, we've had a scene change with some time passing between the last page and now. If that's coming across unclear, I'll make a note to expand a bit in the print edition.
Can 7th Nov 2:54 AM, 2015
It's likely Implied that some time has passed because he and Beauty are in a completely different room? I'd think them mentioning the room they were in might key in to that. I could be wrong though. It seems far too large for the room they were sleeping in though- even if it does share large windows and even flooring.
The room they were in seemed more like a smaller emptier study for the Beast. And besides- there's always magic to bring clothes and stuff!
I'm betting beast got dressed, and then just decided to walk through the ballroom on the way to some other place he wished to Show her.or could be in the ballroom itself.
Aggster 7th Nov 9:20 AM, 2015
Has anyone else noticed that even though Beast changed his clothes Beauty is still wearing the same dress she ware yesterday?
rufiangel 7th Nov 9:34 AM, 2015
That second panel is my favourite <3 saucy Beauty FTW!
Wolfspaw0602 7th Nov 11:57 PM, 2015
Poor beast doesn't know no to dance.
Well at least this isn't a direct spinoff of Disney's or
The Brothers Grimm!
Michael 24th Apr 10:39 PM, 2017
No. He was trained for being at the court. There is no way he does not know how to Dance. I think it was even mentioned him taking Dance lessons between the other education things.
Karen 9th Nov 3:25 AM, 2015
I'm caught up. I'm caught up, god dammit. Why did I stay up much too late reading this from the beginning for the first time instead of taking my time going through it? Why does my heart still hurt? Why do my eyes want to cry more? WHY DID I GET CAUGHT UP?! :'(

The love! The love and the magic and the chase and the questions and the absolute lack of reality. Why can't this be reality? Why do magic and love such as this not exist? And why does my heart want this when I've worked so hard to be emotionally healthy and they are clearly NOT in an emotionally healthy situation?!?!

I just got to the party and you're killing me, Megan! KILLING ME!!!!

Sorry. Dramatic. I love this comic. You're an amazing artist and writer. Thank you.
Karen 9th Nov 3:32 AM, 2015
At a calmer glance...I absolutely love how Beast's tail is positioned behind Beauty as a man would have his hand on a woman's lower back while he guides her somewhere. I'm not sure if that's your intention or if I'm even explaining that right with how tired I am but that's how it makes me feel and I love it.

I also love how much of a gentleman Beast is. I've yet to meet a man with enough gentleness within him to be called Beast. <3
AbigailBrooks 27th Dec 5:44 PM, 2015
As, so no dance scene in this version. That's alright, though! This answers the question of what his preferred mode of walking is. I wasn't sure if he could just switch at will, or if there was some magic involved that made his shape reflect whichever mind (the beast or the man) was most dominant at the time. The fact that he trained himself to walk upright, though it hurts him to do so for long periods of time, works well, though. Also, as a random note, I like his tail curling towards her in the last panel.