Act Two, Chapter Six: 010

12th Nov 11:00 PM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Six
Act Two, Chapter Six: 010
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 12th Nov 11:00 PM, 2015
Why, if it isn't our old friend Wandering Through The Castle In The Dark!


txinaz 12th Nov 11:51 PM, 2015
those two pictures in the bottom corner are interesting
Cursor 13th Nov 12:05 AM, 2015
I agree those two pictures are interesting. if I had to guess the one is the story of snow white and rose red. the other is possibly king midas's daughter and the bull. both stories have a woman falling in love with an animal. good choices
ShinyHappyGoth 13th Nov 12:49 AM, 2015
I don't recall any connection between King Midas (via daughter or otherwise) and a bull. You may be thinking of King Minos, whose wife birthed the Minotaur, but in this case I believe the picture is actually of Europa.

The other picture is absolutely Snow White and Rose Red.
Guest 13th Nov 12:11 AM, 2015
I had guessed show white and rose as well but couldn't figure out the second pic.
Karen 13th Nov 12:15 AM, 2015
You are brilliant and talented. <3 I love every comic.
cattservant 13th Nov 4:08 AM, 2015
Laura 13th Nov 5:15 AM, 2015
The second picture... Actually there IS a story about a girl who falls in love with a human-turned-bull, I remember it from the Valor Anthology!
Allison 13th Nov 8:10 AM, 2015
The second picture could also be Europa, who was seduced by Zeus while he was in bull shape.
mathmusicreading 13th Nov 8:43 AM, 2015
The first painting brought to mind Europa (carried off by Zeus while he was transformed as a bull), then Pasiphae (wife of King Minos and mother of the Minotaur) for me. I'd say Europa over Pasiphae since the former always evokes the imagery of her riding a bull and the latter actually had to wear a cow suit. I've also heard of "The Black Bull of Norroway" but I haven't read it so I don't know if the heroine ever rides the transformed prince although I'd guess that she does. I'd say the transformation aspect is actually really important along with the beast aspect, and fairy tale as opposed to Greek mythology, so I'd be pretty happy with it being the more obscure reference! And the second painting is definitely "Snow White and Rose Red"!

Btw, I've loved all the stuff in recent pages about healthy relationships with others and oneself. And your understanding of human nature, just wow. I've totally bookmarked some of them.
JustLikeWonderful 16th Nov 9:55 AM, 2015
I didn't think of The Black Bull of Norroway because of the clothes and general greeky feeling of the painting, but it would be a very nice reference too! In the story, the Bull is the girl's fate, that comes to fetch her from a witch's house. She rides him until the end of the world to help him defeat the devil, so that he can be turned back into a nobleman (his title can vary from prince to duke depending on the story). Later, they get separated and the witch tries to fool the Bull to marry her own daughter.

As I said, I don't think is the case of the painting, since this story is tradicional from Scotland and the painting feels very Greek, but love the idea of Beauty helping the Beast not only turn back human, but also defeating whatever is this evil magic/woman that looms his past.
mathmusicreading 17th Nov 3:48 PM, 2015
You're right, her physique and clothing and hairstyle definitely say Europa to me.
Kirala 13th Nov 10:07 AM, 2015
So, is there a force in the castle that's friendly to Our Heroes? Because SOMETHING seems to be hinting that shipping a young woman with someone [not currently] human is totes okay. Hint hint, Beauty. Hint hint, self-loathing Beast. JUST KISS ALREADY.

(... is the in-story implication I'm getting. I'm enjoying the slow build myself. :) )
metaceryn 13th Nov 1:44 PM, 2015
I'm sure her expression in p6 is supposed to convey reticence and unease, but I keep seeing "Ugh, how much more of this stupid castle do I have to walk through..."

"If you would find it more agreeable, we could tour the flower gardens that appeared last night?"

"...let's hit the wine cellar next. Go nice and slow. Lots of detail."
Paula Richey 15th Nov 11:04 AM, 2015
I'm thinking that the symbolism of Europa and Zeus there is not lost on Beauty. She may even find it a bit heavy-handed, like Diana and Acteon.
CelestialNavigator 27th Nov 6:31 PM, 2015
Soooo i spy Zeus in form of an ox with Europa and Snowwhite and Rosered with a bear. I seeeee what you did there!
Michael 24th Apr 10:49 PM, 2017
Ox wouldnt work actually since he lost his marbles already.
AbigailBrooks 27th Dec 5:50 PM, 2015
Walking through the castle into a room filled with paintings of human-animal relations (some more innocent than others). There's Snow White and Rose Red, but also possibly Europa. The rest of the paintings are probably going to be very interesting from those introductory ones.