Act Two, Chapter Six: 011

17th Nov 12:00 AM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Six
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Act Two, Chapter Six: 011
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MsMegan 17th Nov 12:00 AM, 2015 edit delete
Previous tenants, perhaps?


Paula Richey 17th Nov 12:15 AM, 2015 edit delete reply
That looks a bit like a blond Temperance, who favors her mother even more strongly than Beauty... who looks like she has stumbled upon her grandmother's boudoir portrait...

I love all the references in the paintings, by the way :)
The Doodler 17th Nov 12:18 AM, 2015 edit delete reply
The Doodler
Real subtle, castle!

Edited to add: I see "The White Cat", "East of the Sun, West of the Moon", "The Wild Swans" (a platonic/sibling one!), and Zeus and Leto, which...isn't. :p

The deer one, I'm not familar with.
Magic64 17th Nov 12:30 AM, 2015 edit delete reply
Ah! Fairytales? How cool. :D
Nefidean 17th Nov 1:19 AM, 2015 edit delete reply
The deer one is from "Brother and Sister" I think it's sometimes called "Brother and Sister in the woods"

I got to admit I'm ecstatic to see "The White Cat" Reference
metaceryn 17th Nov 4:27 AM, 2015 edit delete reply
I guess when you're limited to purely subtextual communication, you can't afford to be subtle–but if this is supposed to be a warning or an instruction or, hell, even a un-/friendly jest, it's a flawlessly ambiguous one. And we also learn that the Castle's just as much of a dirty-minded peanut gallery curator as the rest of us! 8D

But in a slightly more mature vein, I am really enjoying this Leda's direct, almost challenging, contact with the viewer. This is her scene, with her as the central agent, and the Olympian swan she's getting freaknasty with is relegated to a framing role/device. For once Leda's being the subject, rather than being subjected.
Allison 17th Nov 11:13 AM, 2015 edit delete reply
Are all the fairy tale portrait references on this page and the last to tales where either humans are transformed into animals or human/animal couples?
I think Beauty has noticed the connection--though she seems the most unnerved by the two references to Zeus's conquests while in animal shape. I think the one of Leda might also make her think of her mother, who became a swan in that dream she had awhile back.
I think the one across from the Six Swans is a reference to "The Small-Tooth Dog," another Animal Bridegroom story.
Willow 17th Nov 11:25 AM, 2015 edit delete reply
Ah, the one across from the Swan Brothers was the one I wasn't getting.
I don't think I know the Small Tooth Dog.

Though I assumed the cat was a version of puss and boots, which doesn't fit with the theme....
Leandra B. 17th Nov 12:10 PM, 2015 edit delete reply
The last portrait with Leto looks eerily like Beauty's that a subtle *not so subtle* hint?
mathmusicreading 17th Nov 4:46 PM, 2015 edit delete reply
This is so much fun! I wish we could tell more than the main two in the second panel, and beyond the heart symbolism I can't think what the doorway could be of. I got "The White Cat" (I wish it could have been "Puddocky" but I guess it would have looked too much like "The Frog Prince".), "Brother and Sister", "East of the Sun, West of the Moon", "The Six Swans" and Zeus and Leto. I'm so excited that you used tales where the heroine was transformed or the main relationship was platonic with siblings! And the one on the left in the second panel is REALLY making me think of the stories of kitsunes.
mathmusicreading 20th Nov 2:01 PM, 2015 edit delete reply
I mixed up Leto with Leda . . . some insight into myself where I know Leto's story and Zeus's exploit with Leda and am more pop-cultured than cultured.
Stitchlingbelle 17th Nov 6:05 PM, 2015 edit delete reply

Seriously though, I love this page. I have a special fixation on this whole category of tales, so seeing your portraits is just thrilling. (Poor Beauty is obviously less thrilled. I'm assuming from the lack of comment/ embarrassed looks from Beast that this is always here and he's no longer phased by it.)
LB 17th Nov 6:58 PM, 2015 edit delete reply
How awkward!

I absolutely love the expression on the face of the woman who is standing next to the deer holding a baby. She has this look on her face as though she is mentally asking: "What just happened?" :D
Lostariel 18th Nov 1:41 AM, 2015 edit delete reply
East of the Sun, West of the Moon is my favorite variant. Glad to see it made it!
Leandra B. 19th Nov 12:21 AM, 2015 edit delete reply
I think the questions we should be asking ourselves are, did Beast take her through this particular room on purpose and if he did, why? What are you trying to tell her Beast?
Erin Lang 19th Nov 11:30 AM, 2015 edit delete reply
WOW. I've just stumbled into this site while looking for some fantasy webcomics, and this is one of the most well-written stories I've read! (And wow, I just love how all the characters' personalities began to emerge and flourish through the pages)! You took a much-loved story and gave it such a different angle that I wound up binge-reading all the previous chapters in one sitting! Really good work (and woah, erotic Leda at 12 o' clock)!
ashtoledo 19th Nov 2:20 PM, 2015 edit delete reply
So many references to so many wonderful things!
and those FACES
AbigailBrooks 27th Dec 6:55 PM, 2015 edit delete reply
Wow, so many references! I recognize a few of them ("East of the Sun, West of the Moon," for instance), though Leda and Zeus as a swan is the most obvious, and undoubtedly the most unsettling for Beauty. It's like Leda is challenging Beauty to consider something similar, which I really don't think Beauty is ready for - though I'm also sure she has thought about it by this point.
nathyfaith 18th Feb 9:34 AM, 2016 edit delete reply
the paintings are really something else! I loved it ;)
Michael 24th Apr 10:51 PM, 2017 edit delete reply
That leaves a Kind of ominous, awkward Feeling.
Michael 24th Apr 10:52 PM, 2017 edit delete reply
I am wondering that beast does not Show any reaction.