Act Two, Chapter Six: 020

17th Dec 11:00 PM, 2015 in Act Two: Chapter Six
Act Two, Chapter Six: 020
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 17th Dec 11:00 PM, 2015
She's heard a variation on this one from everyone who has ever tried to flirt with her, but she appreciates that he acknowledges the corniness of it.


rufiangel 17th Dec 11:06 PM, 2015

oh and that background in the last panel is GORGEOUSSSSS ;___;***
nathyfaith 18th Feb 8:48 AM, 2016
You dear, is certainly my spirit animal! THOSE ARE MY FEELS AS WELL.
Fluffy 18th Dec 1:11 AM, 2015
First the Star Wars movie and now this!!! Such a great day! >u<
cattservant 18th Dec 1:11 AM, 2015
ksclaw 18th Dec 2:29 AM, 2015
Progress =D
metaceryn 18th Dec 3:00 AM, 2015
Karen 18th Dec 6:36 AM, 2015
Oh my god! Emotions are being expressed! So soon! I was not prepared for this!
DawnStar 18th Dec 10:38 AM, 2015
AWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwww *more squeaky squealing*
DawnStar 18th Dec 10:41 AM, 2015
Oh my god that first panel though! XD Beast is just plain ADORABLE! And beauty being all cute sassy too.... These two feel so real. *hugs them* They are too cute! ^_^
Kiraly 18th Dec 12:21 PM, 2015
I don't usually comment here but AAAAAAAAHHHH!!! I may have actually squealed with glee.

Also I like that they can both just say "I like you" sincerely even coming out of the teasing.
Sophi(e)a 18th Dec 3:50 PM, 2015
This is everything I could have wanted out of this page. The last update made me worried that perhaps something not so wonderful was going to happen. But something wonderful did happen, and I am so relieved.
Stitchlingbelle 18th Dec 5:36 PM, 2015
What is this madness

I can't

All the feels

(Also, OMG! Kinuko Craft!)
the selkie wife 20th Dec 7:39 AM, 2015

and me oh my, that background in the last panel is the perfect background for DECLARATIONS OF LURVE
SophieSintemal 20th Dec 7:41 AM, 2015
oh my gosh oh my gosh those two babies sound exactly like my husband and i when we started dating (ten years ago when we were 16)and were way too shy to blurt out our feelings. so cute!
And I'm so amazed how you do Beast's head. You've chosen such a special anatomy and you keep on delivering an expressive, both terrifying and charming face. I'm also stunned by Beauty because though she is beautiful she also shows a wide range of emotions. You are so talented and I love your story!
Mad Hatter 20th Dec 5:11 PM, 2015
Jeez these two are cute and makes me want a relationship like theirs. Also I want that room.
AbigailBrooks 27th Dec 6:48 PM, 2015
I laughed at the first panel and dawwwwwed through the rest. They're both so adorable and starting to admit their feelings for each other and it's so sweet. Also, this is a really pretty interior garden/courtyard.