Act Two, Chapter Six: 028

14th Jan 11:00 PM, 2016 in Act Two: Chapter Six
Act Two, Chapter Six: 028
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 14th Jan 11:00 PM, 2016
Also serves to loosen his tongue a bit.


Fluffy 14th Jan 11:10 PM, 2016
If the "You know what else is beautiful?" pickup line comes up, so help me God... Also I get the feeling this isn't the only time we will see these pretty streams of magic. ;D
Karen 15th Jan 12:26 AM, 2016
Their hand/paw!!!! So close!!! Augh! I can feel them needing to move closer!!! AHHHHH!!!
Cat 15th Jan 5:01 AM, 2016
No, Beast, this isn't magic. It's nature.
cattservant 15th Jan 6:07 AM, 2016
Sir Beast's tail is paying close attention.
prime_pm 15th Jan 8:31 AM, 2016
"What is it?"
"Science. A disply of natural light produced when the electrons collide with our Earth's upper atmosphere, thereby causing a faint and diffuse aurora, normally invisible to the naked eye."
"Huh. Not as beautiful now that you mention it."
Tarmis 15th Jan 8:48 AM, 2016
Oww! How could you!? :)
Narnia4Aslan 15th Jan 9:45 AM, 2016
Tsk, tsk! Science may explain HOW something happens, but never WHY. Neither can it explain the mysterious wonder and awe we feel when we look at anything truly beautiful and marvelous. The Northern Lights ARE magic ;) (And side note, I'm really hoping to see them in person for the first time next month!! :D )
K 15th Jan 1:46 PM, 2016
But how is that *not* magic? We live in a world that seems random, but works on very finely tuned laws. The amount of specific things that need to occur in a specific way at a specific time in order for the aurora to appear is mind boggling.

Electrons colliding, their dying glory illuminating our skies in ways that enchants and inspire? That's magical. That's beautiful. I have a feeling Beauty would see the wonder and grace in the scientific description too.
Sophi(e)a 15th Jan 5:08 PM, 2016
I totally agree!
the selkie wife 15th Jan 10:38 AM, 2016
The tail is edging around her waist, the hands are almost touching . . . Nothing like a romantic (or 'magical', if you're Argus) atmosphere to up the stakes.
skysonglark 15th Jan 1:08 PM, 2016
Very beautiful.
Your tumblr link seems to be broken, by the by.
The Doodler 16th Jan 12:16 PM, 2016
The Doodler
We're not in France any more, Toto...
Katt 16th Jan 3:21 PM, 2016
I love your sad that I have managed to reach the 'having to wait' bit!
AbigailBrooks 1st Feb 9:07 PM, 2016
That is a pretty awesome explanation for the aurora - and it's a neat detail that magic can be constrained by contracts, sigils, and bindings. I wonder if we'll get to see any sigils in this? I suppose the rose might represent one, of course, but there's no confirmation on that point as of yet.