Act Two, Chapter Six: 032

29th Jan 10:13 AM, 2016 in Act Two: Chapter Six
Act Two, Chapter Six: 032
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 29th Jan 10:13 AM, 2016
back on our usual schedule next week darlings, promise!

Also, if any of you Dear Readers are in Niagara Falls (Canada side!) this Saturday, come out to see me at Big B Comics! I'll be there signing copies of Beauty and the Beast, Valor and Secret Loves of Geek Girls with my lovely studiomates, Meaghan Carter (TakeOff! and Godslave) and Sanya Anwar (1001)!


the selkie wife 29th Jan 10:20 AM, 2016
I legit squealed when I saw they were finally holding hands again!! And Beauty has the sweetest little smile on her face!! So what *will* Beast look forwards to???
Kiraly 29th Jan 10:25 AM, 2016
Awwww!!! You'll just have to look forward to MORE smiles, Beast! (And to be honest, we all look forward to your smiles, so...this page is a win for everyone.)
Mad Hatter 29th Jan 11:57 AM, 2016
Awww, their relationship is doing positive stuff
Zuza J 29th Jan 12:45 PM, 2016
Look forward to A KISS MAYBE O_O
Guest 29th Jan 5:24 PM, 2016
Excuse me as a I go fangirl... SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
cattservant 29th Jan 7:47 PM, 2016
Beast has options!
Sophi(e)a 29th Jan 8:54 PM, 2016
The fact that he looks forward to her smile, is so adorable.
Kawaii overload!!! 29th Jan 9:06 PM, 2016
Now kiss her hand! PLEASE!!!!!
Kukki 30th Jan 1:23 AM, 2016
That would be perfect! A kiss on the mouth would be rushing it, I think, plus the logistics of it make it difficult in his beast form. But the hand? Possible, plausible, and terribly romantic. <3333
Hallan 29th Jan 10:44 PM, 2016
Okay, as a straight guy I don't normally say this regarding another guy's lines, but... damn, that's sexy.
metaceryn 30th Jan 12:11 AM, 2016
"Game recognize game," I believe is the expression.
Hallan 30th Jan 9:51 AM, 2016
Thank you, Metaceryn. That makes me feel much less awkward.
Nwa-Boté 29th Jan 11:49 PM, 2016
Beast's line made me get butterflies, feels and butterflies everywhere!
dream-piper 29th Jan 11:53 PM, 2016
Why do I have this stirring, unpropitious suspicious that things are about to go horridly...
metaceryn 30th Jan 12:03 AM, 2016
"Care to help me...polish some silver?"
MsMegan 30th Jan 8:06 AM, 2016
I feel it's an innuendo, but I can't quite pin it down...hmmmm
Stitchlingbelle 30th Jan 1:18 AM, 2016

I can suggest some things to look forward to. ;)
Karen 30th Jan 2:01 AM, 2016
Emotional giggidy! Also how on earth does Beast look so damn hot?! He's a beast! And I just realized that works both ways!
Karen 30th Jan 2:03 AM, 2016
I love the perspective in the last panel. It feels like I'm there. Like I can see the amazing colours in the sky and in Beast's eyes. I love it. <3
Karen 30th Jan 2:06 AM, 2016
Okay, also a physical giggidy. Those eyes and that line at the end definitely give me a lady boner. Work it, Beast!!
MsMegan 30th Jan 8:06 AM, 2016
metaceryn 30th Jan 6:35 PM, 2016
The exact page where "chill and academic" went right out the window, off the parapet, and into the spiked moat.

Also let's note that the Dear Readers are being tittilated and ridiculous over some long-anticipated interaction and Beast's suave moves, rather than the hot hot swan action earlier. My feeling is that this indicates how well characterized and sympathetic the principals are, how invested we are in them, and it is not just prurient interest demanding more.
AbigailBrooks 1st Feb 9:29 PM, 2016
Daaaaaaaaaaaw! They are both so sweet! As for what to look forward to...heheh, Beast, come now, you've fallen in love before. I'm pretty sure there are other landmarks in this budding relationship you two have that you can safely look forward to. Not that you know that now, but damn has the castle been making some nudges in that direction. Looking forward to the next page as always, Megan!
nathyfaith 18th Feb 9:20 AM, 2016