Act Two, Chapter Six: 035

8th Feb 11:00 PM, 2016 in Act Two: Chapter Six
Act Two, Chapter Six: 035
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 7th Feb 11:00 PM, 2016
I like how none of you trust me anymore. One too many car rides that turned out to be trips to the vet, eh?


Fluffy 8th Feb 11:04 PM, 2016
You are destroying me with all these tender moments with these two oh my gosh!!!!
Paula Richey 8th Feb 11:10 PM, 2016
*narrows eyes* hm.
Yes, this is glorious!
But.... hm.
Now the B-BMP is starting to seem ominous. Or I'm getting paranoid.
Maybe you're just taking a different road to the vet.
Sophi(e)a 8th Feb 11:40 PM, 2016
Now that I am getting over my giddiness about the fact that everything is still okay (and that even though I know that things are not going to stay this wonderful forever, at least they have not gone horribly yet), I sense some ominousness too.
dream-piper 8th Feb 11:15 PM, 2016
.....Thank you for making this exist.
Sophi(e)a 8th Feb 11:25 PM, 2016
I am perhaps too giddy about how sweet this is. Oh, be still my heart.
Rosie 8th Feb 11:31 PM, 2016
I may have just teared up a bit? This is so touching that my eyes are watering. Kudos to you, Ms. Megan, for making making me so emotional about these cuties.
Skatie 8th Feb 11:51 PM, 2016
It's either that trip to the vet, or stopping at a bakery where the free cookie samples we thought were chocolate chip turned out to be raisin. I like raisins, but not when I'm anticipating chocolate.
metaceryn 9th Feb 2:21 PM, 2016
And Beast shouldn't be having either chocolate or raisins.
metaceryn 9th Feb 1:00 AM, 2016
Oh damn it is getting sensual all up in this.

I'm not sure this square wants to stay Platonic for much longer...
ShinyHappyGoth 9th Feb 1:28 AM, 2016

(Seriously, you've got plenty of them.)
Katlin 9th Feb 8:33 AM, 2016
First time commenter BECAUSE I HAVE TO.

This is so beautiful!! And I think what I like most is that BEAUTY was the one that initiated that contact. She could have reacted any way towards him kissing her hand, especially with her history of taking things slowly and keeping the grander circumstances *cough cough imprisonment cough* in mind, but she chose this. This was her choice. And clearly Beast's okay with that.

Auuugh my heart! I'm so glad I found this comment! Your storytelling is a work of art!!
Katlin 10th Feb 8:16 AM, 2016
*comic. No comment. XP
Mad Hatter 9th Feb 10:09 AM, 2016
Greymuse 9th Feb 11:45 AM, 2016
A kiss on the palm seems SO much more intimate and vulnerable than ANY other sort of kiss!
Sophi(e)a 9th Feb 1:13 PM, 2016
Right? There's something about this that hits me emotionally in a way I don't think any other kind of kiss would have.
Stitchlingbelle 9th Feb 4:03 PM, 2016

I am seriously swooning. No really, please bring me some smelling salts.

Also I might print out these last three pages and put them ALL OVER MY HOUSE.
ashtoledo 9th Feb 4:41 PM, 2016
i just caught up omgomgomggg
KatieKat 9th Feb 7:09 PM, 2016
Oh's so intimate and yet, it seems just right.
Ladywoodelf 9th Feb 7:38 PM, 2016
This is just too cute! 3 different moves? Hand hold and then 2 different hand kisses? Adorable!
I just hope neither of them freak out!

The tale is being told, yet it's stringing me along. Well done <3
Hallan 10th Feb 7:27 AM, 2016
Am I going to need to get a monitor defogger with these two steaming up the screen?
Angalee 10th Feb 7:42 PM, 2016
Nwa-Boté 14th Feb 12:06 AM, 2016
Lawd Jesus!*faints*
nathyfaith 18th Feb 9:26 AM, 2016
*faints* It's so intimate and sweet.
AbigailBrooks 6th Oct 9:42 PM, 2016
Aaaand she touches his mouth. There is definitely nothing platonic about the framing here, since it's a gesture that suggests her desire to be kissed (though I think Megan has stated before that the Beast's mouth isn't the right shape for that). The Beast kisses her palm, though, which made my breath catch from how sensual that is.
The Young Entity 7th May 7:07 PM, 2018

*singing continues...*