Act Two, Chapter Six: 038

18th Feb 11:00 PM, 2016 in Act Two: Chapter Six
Act Two, Chapter Six: 038
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 18th Feb 11:00 PM, 2016
you sure it's only Beauty trembling there, mister?


Sophi(e)a 18th Feb 11:35 PM, 2016
Oh, oh my heart.

I don't think she's afraid of what you're worried she's afraid of, Beast. If anything, I think she's afraid/nervous about the physical intimacy and her wants/desires in this moment. (Or maybe I am just projecting myself into this too much, because that's what I'd be worried about.)
Skatie 18th Feb 11:39 PM, 2016
I...I want to ask a question that will completely destroy the moment and possibly bring a howling magical fury down on the both of us. Your thoughts?
mistressdizzy 19th Feb 12:30 AM, 2016

(Translation: you are a master storyteller, the slowly building intimacy is carried out more and more in each page, you actually watch them falling, two days a week, closer and closer. I love you in a totally platonic and not entirely joking way.)
metaceryn 19th Feb 12:36 AM, 2016
...guys, chapters are generally 35-40 pages long, the next update is a Tuesday, splash pages typically go up before the weekend, and if there was any more tension in the story the website would explode.

Tuesday is going to be the final page in this chapter, it's going to be an unimaginable catharsis/bombshell/cliffhanger, and whatever Beauty says next I don't think we're going to make it.
cattservant 19th Feb 12:51 AM, 2016
Hope she answers.
DawnStar 19th Feb 3:09 AM, 2016
..... If she says "I want to go home"....
daraw 19th Feb 6:50 AM, 2016
I wouldn't put that past Ms. Megan, really.

JustLikeWonderful 19th Feb 7:11 AM, 2016
a Drop of Beauty 21st Feb 2:24 AM, 2016
a Drop of Beauty
Guest 21st Feb 12:57 PM, 2016
But what if she says, "I want to make a contract?"
Sophi(e)a 21st Feb 5:41 PM, 2016
I had not thought of that possibility, but I think that would be the more painful option. If she goes home, she'll come back (granted that part of the Beauty and the Beast story isn't changed). But if she makes a contract, I have a very bad feeling that it could make things a lot worse in the long run/
ArtofChelseaD. 22nd Feb 10:05 PM, 2016
I was thinking the same thing!!! BEAUTY BETTER NOT.
prime_pm 19th Feb 8:09 AM, 2016
"I...I cream.
ShinyHappyGoth 19th Feb 1:52 PM, 2016
I was gonna say "...nachos."
Akitaken 19th Feb 11:16 AM, 2016
Gosh, you are so good at drawing mood.
Gee, I want to experience this, too..!
nathyfaith 19th Feb 11:24 AM, 2016
*cries the person that until two weeks ago had no idea this comic was a thing and now is dying FOR NEW PAGES*
Ransom 19th Feb 12:03 PM, 2016
Careful with those claws Beast. Gripping her a little firm there.
Kiraly 19th Feb 12:40 PM, 2016 brain finished her sentence with "I want you" and then it moved on and now my mental jukebox is blasting "I WAAAAAAAANT YOU TO WANT ME..." Dangit brain, you're killing the mood!
melaredblu 19th Feb 6:03 PM, 2016
I'm not much of a romance fan, but I've always liked this fairy tale, so I checked out the comic. I'm glad I did. Your interpretation of it is particularly wonderful. You're quite a talented writer.
Elspeth 19th Feb 9:02 PM, 2016
Is that all the dress, or is there a glimpse of a scar on Beauty's back there?
The Doodler 21st Feb 5:29 PM, 2016
The Doodler
I think it's just the edge of her shoulderblade.
Cat 22nd Feb 5:07 AM, 2016
No, I think Elspeth is referring to the squiggle at the edge of the dress. I think it's the ruffle/lace of the dress.
Guest 21st Feb 3:14 AM, 2016 I just found/caught up on this whole comic and???? oh my god??????? this is so good!!! AAAAAAA!!!
Paula Richey 22nd Feb 1:08 PM, 2016
Okay, wagers on what she wants here!
"To ask a potentially forbidden question."
"To go home."
"To make a contract."
wierdweblurker 22nd Feb 4:39 PM, 2016
"You to retract your claws. Seriously, those things are sharp!"
AbigailBrooks 6th Oct 9:54 PM, 2016
Aaaahhh...yeah, this is continuing to up the sensuality of the scene. I am being very reminded of wedding night scenes in all sorts of fiction by their dialogue and their tentativeness with each other here. Fortunately, they are on a balcony right now, and I doubt the Beast would be that crass (I mean, he's had a lover before, but Beauty hasn't), so I can't imagine this will turn into sex--but the seductive elements are definitely there.