Act Two, Chapter Seven: 001

9th Mar 11:00 PM, 2016 in Act Two: Chapter Seven
Act Two, Chapter Seven: 001
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 9th Mar 11:00 PM, 2016
Butterfly weed, Cyclamen, White Clover


lunnascribbles 10th Mar 11:07 PM, 2016
Let Me Go
Think of Me
a Drop of Beauty 10th Mar 11:37 PM, 2016
a Drop of Beauty
metaceryn 11th Mar 1:13 AM, 2016
Nope nope Nope
Nope nope Nope
Guest 11th Mar 7:19 AM, 2016
Is this the dreaded chapter where Beauty will ask to leave the castle then? I'm not ready
Kawaii overload!!! 11th Mar 4:16 AM, 2016
Hurt feelings
Not at all what I seem
Beauty, come back here and let me explain myself!!!

(Not trying to be scientific here.)
Paula Richey 11th Mar 8:50 AM, 2016
I think even if Beast could explain himself, the full horror of this being a permanent situation has dawned on Beauty, and she can't continue to do this without going back home to set right the way she left.
LB 11th Mar 9:07 AM, 2016
Geez Beauty, give a guy a chance to explain. LOL
Kawaii overload!!! 11th Mar 12:09 PM, 2016
I just feel so bad for Beast.
I really hope that in the future though, Beauty will actually stay put and hear him out completely:
Caro 11th Mar 11:10 AM, 2016
Waiiiiiit a second!
Habe the flower sketches been signed before?! *runs off to check this*
metaceryn 11th Mar 6:49 PM, 2016
Indeed, all the way back to Act 1, Chapter 1.
Dedlea 11th Mar 12:27 PM, 2016
No. Not now, not here. Of all places to finally get up to date in the comic, it had to be here when things between Beauty and the Beast are strained so. And with those flowers, she's so likely to leave...
Mad Hatter 11th Mar 1:29 PM, 2016
Well, everything is going to go in a downward spiral now. At least till the ending. Which I hope is going to be like the book, cartoon, and disney movie ending.
Helena 11th Mar 3:32 PM, 2016

Hope that Beast will find a way of handling this better than running away naked through the woods.
Michael 2nd Sep 3:13 PM, 2017
He can always leave a special shoe or something...
Stitchlingbelle 11th Mar 4:39 PM, 2016
"Hope the Beast will find a way of handling this better than running away naked through the woods."

Must... resist... comment... ;)

In other news, I look at the flowers, I cry inconsolably.
rufiangel 12th Mar 3:05 AM, 2016
I'm super looking forward to this chapter for all the delicious dramatic feels XD; <3
EJY 12th Mar 10:35 PM, 2016
Is it just me, or is there a lot more spilled ink on this page?
Kukki 29th Mar 8:06 AM, 2016
Is it ink, or is it blood?
Michael 25th Apr 8:47 AM, 2017
or tears? And what is the difference?
dream-piper 13th Mar 8:00 PM, 2016
Butterfly Weed-Let it Go
White Clover-Think of Me

AbigailBrooks 6th Oct 10:44 PM, 2016
Well, from the flower meanings, it looks like this will be the chapter where Beauty leaves the castle. My heart is not ready for this.