Act Two, Chapter Seven: 009

8th Apr 12:00 AM, 2016 in Act Two: Chapter Seven
Act Two, Chapter Seven: 009
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 8th Apr 12:00 AM, 2016
we'll obey the letter of the law, if not the spirit!


Caro 8th Apr 12:03 AM, 2016
Should I/we be scared now?! ;)
melaredblu 8th Apr 12:53 AM, 2016
I'm 100% certain he's smart enough to loophole Beauty out of here, but it doesn't bode well for his sanity if he does. The isolation has clearly been driving him mad and losing her now won't make it better.
cattservant 8th Apr 12:59 AM, 2016
Be careful!
Kukki 8th Apr 2:02 AM, 2016
*Another* amendment?
metaceryn 8th Apr 3:25 AM, 2016
[attenborough] And now we witness the miracle of life, as a Terrible Idea is born. [/attenborough]
Helena 8th Apr 6:13 AM, 2016
He's going to let her go! Yes, Beast! You're taking the right path.
KSClaw 8th Apr 6:24 AM, 2016
Kirala 8th Apr 8:52 AM, 2016
Why am I convinced that his amendment will lead directly to this version's equivalent of the Beast dying in the garden? And why do I think this version will wring far more angst from it?
MsMegan 8th Apr 12:21 PM, 2016
but really... is anything more angsty than "you left so I stopped eating"?
Cat 8th Apr 10:54 AM, 2016
No, Beast. Beastiality is not permitted and rape even less so. Don't even think it. Or Beauty will stab you in your non-existent-thorn-riddled heart.
MsMegan 8th Apr 12:02 PM, 2016
Guest 8th Apr 8:42 PM, 2016
where in the world was that implied??
Cat 9th Apr 3:38 AM, 2016
In the grin? In the way these scenes tend to imply things? Or maybe I was just making a (bad) joke.
The Doodler 8th Apr 12:11 PM, 2016
The Doodler
Words cannot express how much I love heroic lawyers.
/gets popcorn
Paula Richey 8th Apr 12:23 PM, 2016
Considering that last page, he mentioned that he couldn't court Beauty /or/ his second choice, Death, this Does Not Bode Well. He's been driven into a corner and he just wants out.
If getting Beauty to safety is something that will kill him, he's going to consider that a plus.
nathyfaith 8th Apr 12:46 PM, 2016
If dying will set her free, what a good way to go. Plus, the 'second' loophole I feel is because her has made a contract to save Belle when she was born and since her mother died she has the contract in her name.
Perhaps I wonder, Belle was to have been taken away before and wasn't, because the made an amendment. ;)
I'm curious anyway.
Naomi 8th Apr 1:31 PM, 2016
It's good that Beast wants to get Beauty out of danger but I'll little worried about how he seems to be thinking about going about it...
Sophi(e)a 8th Apr 1:58 PM, 2016
Oh dear goodness, I am so very worried about what his plan is. I am all for getting Beauty out of harm's way, but I've got a not so good feeling about what Beast is scheming.
Mad Hatter 8th Apr 3:07 PM, 2016
I love that he's trying to get Beauty out of there. But I'm scared that it would mean his...death.
MissEccentric 8th Apr 5:34 PM, 2016
I came across this comic today via link on another comic which recommended this, and I caught up within an hour, and I regret that. Now I must wait for your next update ; u ;

I've glanced at a "for teens" version of the original Beauty and The Beast (or one of the versions that isn't Disney), and though it was not a lot, I know for a fact that your comic gives me the same magical vibe those few pages did.

I love your art style too! I was laying in my bed as I caught up, and I swear to God, no lie, I MOANED: "I love her." 'Her' being you and your beautiful art!

I get the feeling this is leading us into the part where Beast lets Beauty leave for a season or two (I forget) to see her family, as long as she comes back.

Or are you going to throw us into an Author's Twist and do something else?! H

ow Exciting!

MsMegan 8th Apr 6:28 PM, 2016
This is just THE nicest comment, MissEccentric, thank you so much! You made my day! Now I'm super curious which book you were looking at!
Nanami_G 11th Apr 8:17 PM, 2016
Is it just me or does it seem a little soon for the "send Beauty home" plot point? The pace Ms. Megan has set is so beautifully in-depth, but this move from prisoner/jailer to friends to love interests has seemed to pick up a lot of speed lately which feels disproportionate to the number of emotional issues present and unanswered reader questions. I feel like there should be a little more time devoted to the budding romance than one emotionally charged conversation broken up by a nap (so it's kinda two convos, but really one...anyway...). It seems like they jumped from friends to "let's be more than friends" in a literary split second (see one convo with nap), but up until that point they'd both been moving very slowly; maybe it's just me.

...Upon reflection, I think I just want Beauty and the Beast to spend more time together. Once Beauty goes home, generally the next time she sees the Beast is when he's dying and she says "I love you". But this amazing Beauty doesn't seem ready to say that and mean it ...or are we maybe using the multiple trips home plot point?? Hmmm ...regardless, I can't wait to see how this turns out!
a Drop of Beauty 17th Apr 2:44 AM, 2016
a Drop of Beauty
...I'm getting a "I feel like I should be afraid of what's coming" vibe with this scene.
AbigailBrooks 18th Jan 7:58 PM, 2017
Uh-oh. That doesn't sound good! This is especially worrying given the last page, since deeply depressed individuals, when they make the decision/a plan to kill themselves, often have upswings in their moods, since their pain will be over soon. This feels very much like what's happening here, with the Beast having the added incentive of freeing Beauty at the same time.
Michael 25th Apr 9:50 AM, 2017
You have a Point there.

I think he is going to give everything to get her to safety. Everything means another Piece of his humanity. Maybe he wont feel any pain after that. (i think it will be worse)