Act Two, Chapter Seven: 010

12th Apr 12:00 AM, 2016 in Act Two: Chapter Seven
Act Two, Chapter Seven: 010
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 12th Apr 12:00 AM, 2016
My brain work cinematically, and it's VERY FRUSTRATING not to able to make a cape be all flappy and whooshy in a static image!


Fluffy 12th Apr 12:02 AM, 2016
Confirmed: Beast is a magical girl.
Kukki 12th Apr 7:10 AM, 2016

Doesn't he have to become a naked silhouette before transforming outfits, though? ;)
cattservant 12th Apr 5:43 AM, 2016
Determination is the destination!
Caro 12th Apr 6:24 AM, 2016
And now I really get the impression that it's HIM who will make her stay at home way past the amount of time that was promised, just so he can finally die and be rid of his curse. O.O
Kukki 12th Apr 7:13 AM, 2016
Ooo, is that what he means by "end"? :(
Sophi(e)a 12th Apr 11:56 AM, 2016
That makes a lot of sense. And it is so very heartbreaking.
Kukki 12th Apr 7:11 AM, 2016
You did a good job with the cape in spite of your frustrations! It was very flappy and whooshy in my perception. :)
DS 12th Apr 7:39 AM, 2016
I love how the coat morphs into the cloak. Very dramatic. I sorta forgot he stopped wearing it a while ago.
the selkie wife 12th Apr 1:21 PM, 2016
He's regressed in the costume he wore at the beginning, because his 'human' clothing was for when he felt more hopeful D: D: D: Costume design makes me have feelings sometimes.
a Drop of Beauty 17th Apr 2:46 AM, 2016
a Drop of Beauty
That sounds like an amazing job to have :D
P.S. Your username makes me wonder if you've watched 'The Song of the Sea.'
Hallan 12th Apr 7:45 AM, 2016
That was awesome! I need to get me one of those shifter cloaks!
The Doodler 12th Apr 8:53 AM, 2016
The Doodler
Is he going to ask her to kill him?
Michael 25th Apr 9:55 AM, 2017
No, he cant do that to anybody. To her he cant - ever.
Cat 12th Apr 8:54 AM, 2016
Honestly, this feels and looks like a page you'd put at the end of a chapter.
melaredblu 12th Apr 12:12 PM, 2016
As far as the cloak being swishy goes:
1) It's magic, don't question it.
2) It looks cool, don't question it.
Also, I love the dramatic angles of this page.
Kawaii overload!!! 12th Apr 5:34 PM, 2016
You also forgot to add:
3) It's super elegant and dramatic to materialize a cape using magic rather than wear a plain non-magic one throughout your entire appearances. (No offense to Disney's Beast.)
Sophi(e)a 12th Apr 1:06 PM, 2016
I am so worried about what he's planning to do.

The cape looks flappy and whooshy!
Tamiko 12th Apr 1:26 PM, 2016
You beyond a doubt created that motion in a still image.
Naomi 12th Apr 5:38 PM, 2016
ngl I love this particular change from the original story with it being Beast's idea to send Beauty home and also that he WANTS her to stay away too long (assuming that that's what he has in mind).
Jaxci 13th Apr 5:01 PM, 2016
Hi MsMegan! Not sure if you mentioned this before or on a different platform, but will you be going to TCAF this year? Or FanExpo?
MsMegan 13th Apr 5:34 PM, 2016
I am! I'll be tabling and speaking at TCAF, but I'm not scheduled for Fan Expo -- I had to cancel March Con at the last minute because I hurt myself, so I may have worn out my guest status! Whoops! ^^;;
Jaxci 15th Apr 10:20 PM, 2016
Too bad about FanExpo, but yay for TCAF! Hope to see you there!
Hallan 26th Apr 10:52 PM, 2016
That cape change would be amazing animated...
Melissa J 28th Jun 12:46 PM, 2016
I thought you captured the movement pretty awesomely on this page. So dramatic and awesome! I have the same problem too, I see things moving in my head so it's a little frustrating to capture a still moment on paper.
Guest 9th Aug 11:36 PM, 2016
Oh no oh no oh no... I've been reading this whole thing today and I think I just figured out what the new arrangement is and I AM DISTRESSED
AbigailBrooks 18th Jan 8:02 PM, 2017
Yeaaaaah, this is going nowhere good. He seems so confident and so driven, but all I can picture is him driving himself off of a cliff. Also death and freedom aren't synonymous, Beast! Stop this madness!

By the way, I love how his outfit changes in the third panel! You get a real sense of movement from this page!
Michael 25th Apr 9:58 AM, 2017
I am afraid he is sending her home to safety and giving up his ability to love for that. The benefit for him would be no more pain ever from unreturned love.

An I am sure it wont end well.