Act Two, Chapter Seven: 011

15th Apr 12:00 AM, 2016 in Act Two: Chapter Seven
Act Two, Chapter Seven: 011
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 15th Apr 12:00 AM, 2016
I'm 200 pages into editing this down for the next book, and WOW my inking has gotten a lot heavier. :/


DS 15th Apr 1:21 AM, 2016
Heavier? As in thicker? Is that a bad thing?
dream-piper 15th Apr 1:43 AM, 2016
Inking looks beautiful in my opinion.
cattservant 15th Apr 2:02 AM, 2016
Tones change with time...
Kawaii overload!!! 15th Apr 6:49 AM, 2016
I just noticed this! His current outfit is very similar to he wore when we were first introduced to him. Am I Crazy?!
Kukki 15th Apr 9:58 AM, 2016
I don't understand what's happening in this strip. Did he shove the things off his desk into a fireplace (where is the fireplace)? Did he make it burst into flame? Is he smelling something or exhaling?

Paula Richey 15th Apr 7:48 PM, 2016
I'm thinking he's just making room on the desk and taking a deep breath before making a very dangerous addendum to Beauty's contract. :)

Stitchlingbelle 15th Apr 2:22 PM, 2016
This is concerning. I have concerns. Oh god, um. =(
Sophi(e)a 15th Apr 5:32 PM, 2016
Me too. I have so many concerns.
a Drop of Beauty 17th Apr 2:48 AM, 2016
a Drop of Beauty
I agree with this! This can't end well, Beast!
Cat 18th Apr 2:26 AM, 2016
After imprisoning her, he'll throw her out by committing arson? Sure.
Guest 18th Apr 4:01 AM, 2016
I have this thought on what he's planning. It's the "If I can set her free..." line from the previous page that really seals it for me.
Ok. Ok, so what if the addendum he is making to the contract allows Beauty to visit her family, but with the provision that she must return, probably by a certain time/date. And if she doesn't, Beast dies. Not Beauty, not her family, just Beast. And he expects/hopes that she will choose not to return, since this is the only way he can finally die. And he's blocked himself into thinking that his death is the only tolerable option: he doesn't want Beauty to remain a prisoner, but he doesn't want the painful existence of living after she has left. And it seems the castle will not allow him to kill himself directly. So his solution is a change to the contract that would allow Beauty to go free while also bringing about his death.
If this does all happen, I wonder if he will even tell Beauty that he will die if she doesn't return. Possibly he will convince himself that it's better if she doesn't know: he could argue to himself that the knowledge would be a "burden" to her, plus it would make her less likely to make the choice he is secretly hoping she will make.
Oh Beastie, poor poor Beastie.
Kirala 18th Apr 10:53 AM, 2016
This is roughly what I expect, but that raises the question of how Beauty might be able to save him on her return. Will he write the provision for the sake of completion, though he thinks it's pointless? Is there a provision in his previous contract that will allow for it? Will Beauty attempt to rewrite their situation for herself? There's a lot of stuff still hidden in the backstory and worldbuilding that could be crucial to how this plays out!
AbigailBrooks 18th Jan 8:08 PM, 2017
I think this is very likely, given what we know of how BATB normally plays out. In this version, though, I doubt that the Beast would tell Beauty about her time limit and his death if she doesn't return. Which isn't a good thing for him to conceal, but meta-wise, it's better than him telling her and thus emotionally manipulating and pressuring her to return. The question is, how will she find out that her freedom comes at the cost of his life?
Guest 18th Apr 4:03 AM, 2016
I meant to tag the above post as containing possible spoilers, but I put it in the Title box, which doesn't seem to actually show up in the post
AbigailBrooks 18th Jan 8:09 PM, 2017
It looks like the Beast is taking a moment to pause and consider the ramifications of what he is doing. I doubt this will change his course of action, though.
Michael 25th Apr 10:07 AM, 2017
He is a lawyer and preparing for the 28th Amendment to the constitution of his life.

I dont think, he expects Beauty to come back since she is not able to love him anyway. She will be safe and he will loose another part of his humanity. Possibly the ability to love and hurting from that, what would be beneficial to him in his current mindset.
I am still thinking it will deepen the tragedy.