Act Two, Chapter Seven: 012

18th Apr 11:34 PM, 2016 in Act Two: Chapter Seven
Act Two, Chapter Seven: 012
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 18th Apr 11:34 PM, 2016
Oh, he speaks legalese. Man of many talents, that Beast.


Fluffy 18th Apr 11:59 PM, 2016
Hold onto your chairs! Stuffs about to go down!
mistressdizzy 19th Apr 12:15 AM, 2016
May I just say, that second panel is absolutely stunning? It's almost like... negative space. (I'm not sure that I'm using the term properly.) But yeah, that's amazing and gives the whole page a chilling aura.
Kirala 19th Apr 8:03 AM, 2016
I think you're thinking of a photographic negative, which I am too, despite the fact that this isn't inverted. But all the heavy shadows "lour'd" over his face with Foreboding Significance, adding weight to the panel, entire coming, and thus metaphorical weight to this part of the story...

I mean, I am Not A Visual Person, and it took years of art classes for me to be able to sorta notice these things when I try, but this definitely stands out.
cattservant 19th Apr 12:27 AM, 2016
Oh My!
The Doodler 19th Apr 12:27 AM, 2016
The Doodler
This is a fantastic page.
metaceryn 19th Apr 1:11 AM, 2016
In the world of Beauty and the Beast, the Magical Storage Unit is represented by two separate, yet equally mysterious parties: the Castle, who is unknowable and kind of a creeper jerk, and the Arbitor, who has seen some **** and could just use a hug.

These are their stories.

Hallan 19th Apr 8:06 AM, 2016
When I woke up this morning, I thought to myself: "It's Tuesday. I really, really hope BatB is awesome today and not a cliffhanger."

Hope fulfilled.
nathyfaith 19th Apr 9:38 AM, 2016
This whole page is breathtaking. I loved how you used the shadows in the second panel.
I'm surprise to learn I was actually right on my assuming ;)
Loving every page of this!
Daniel J. Drazen 19th Apr 9:43 AM, 2016
And that's how Google used to work.
Naomi 19th Apr 9:53 AM, 2016
That second panel is gorgeous! His gaze is so intense and determined and the lighting is perfect!
the selkie wife 19th Apr 2:15 PM, 2016
DAMN but the Beast looks intense in this update! That second panel gave me chills a little, as well as his posing in the first and third.

On a related note: Oh, Beast, I love it when you talk legal to me.

*saxophone noise*
MsMegan 19th Apr 2:47 PM, 2016
Michael 25th Apr 10:11 AM, 2017
Morticia from Addams Family?
metaceryn 19th Apr 6:58 PM, 2016
Sophi(e)a 19th Apr 2:50 PM, 2016
Sh*t is about to get so super real (and maybe even hit the fan), and I'm not sure I'm ready.
Jessie Blue 20th Apr 1:21 AM, 2016
Jessie Blue
I want to vote 6)- Excellent!
Stitchlingbelle 20th Apr 8:32 PM, 2016
Oh god oh god oh god I'm so scared right now.
Elkian 14th Jun 1:44 AM, 2016
Absolutely the best thing he could do while emotionally compromised.
AbigailBrooks 18th Jan 8:14 PM, 2017
Ah, magical legalese speak! This is a great idea after just coming off of an emotional roller-coaster ride and not even sleeping on it first! I like the call back to him being the overseer for Beauty's mother's contract--it enriches this speech nicely! I also love the spheres around his speech bubbles and hands on this page, and the dark shading in the second panel.