Act Two, Chapter Seven: 014

26th Apr 12:00 AM, 2016 in Act Two: Chapter Seven
Act Two, Chapter Seven: 014
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Author Notes:

MsMegan 26th Apr 12:00 AM, 2016

After weeks of editing until the wee hours of the morning, and a LOT of crying because I'm bad with technology, and a LOT of truly embarrassing emails and phone calls to the print company -- Volume two is at the printers!

The final book is 325 pages long (volume one was only 170!!) and contains seven chapters of sidelong glances, stilted conversations, sad girls and monster men. It also contains about thirty pages that haven't been serialized yet online, art updates including full page redraws, and some sheet music for those who are musically inclined!

Those Dear Readers who won the essay contest a little while back can expect a free copy, but the rest of you can pre-order the book HERE. For simplicity's sake, pre-order prices include shipping. I expect to begin shipping them in June, or if you are going to be in Toronto this summer, you will be able to pick up your order at TCAF or Word on the Street!


dream-piper 26th Apr 12:51 AM, 2016
Oh no.
Mar-ee 26th Apr 12:51 AM, 2016
Nearly what? Is she referring to when he grabbed her arm or the little interaction when he kissed her hand?

Ohh but understandably so its confusing. But Beast is standing at that door awaiting... he has something to say or tell her.
cattservant 26th Apr 2:01 AM, 2016
Life goes on...
metaceryn 26th Apr 2:12 AM, 2016
How can I face him after that--?

Looks like you're about to find out.
Jana 26th Apr 4:20 AM, 2016
Will a digital copy of Act 2 be available? I live in Australia and shipping from the US (plus the exchange rate) usually makes buying comic books super expensive. Often the shipping ends up twice the price of the comic! :(

Have you considered submitting both books to Comixology? Or using Gumroad for digital products. :)
Cat 26th Apr 4:59 AM, 2016
How can you face him after that? You just do. It might be a little awkward, but unless you let the awkward part take over, it'll be fine.
nathyfaith 26th Apr 8:35 AM, 2016
Oh, this is intriguing. It's okay Belle, go figure it out ;)
Naomi 26th Apr 8:57 AM, 2016
Interesting how Beauty's outfit somewhat mirrors Beast's now... not completely but at least partially.
Sophi(e)a 26th Apr 11:59 AM, 2016
It's so good to see Beauty again. I've missed her these last few pages.

This next interaction may be a bit awkward and uncomfortable, but it's important, so there's no use in avoiding it.
AlmostLilith 26th Apr 1:46 PM, 2016
I want to comfort Beauty and Beast, and tell them everything's going to be okay, but I know things are going to get even more angsty before they get better. D:

You are too good at this, Megan. You know how to keep an audience hooked.
jaxci 27th Apr 12:10 AM, 2016
Will we be able to purchase Volume 2 at TCAF or only through your online shop (and then do a pick up there)?
MsMegan 27th Apr 10:27 AM, 2016
You can do either! there is TCAF preorder option in the shop as well!
the selkie wife 28th Apr 10:49 AM, 2016

AbigailBrooks 18th Jan 8:21 PM, 2017
Wow, Beauty, it would have been great if the Beast had taken some time to reflect on your situation, so you could find the answers to your questions and uncertainties together. Unfortunately, time is now the one thing neither of you have.
Michael 25th Apr 10:41 AM, 2017
so true. He took no time to settle things and jumped to Action right away. prematured?